Monday, June 30, 2008

Pizza ala Malaysia!!!

I personally think the Italians will weep if they happen to see and taste this. Don't get me wrong, the taste isn't awful just different. Try one and you'll know. By the way, this pizza does not belong to any of the pizza chains you find in Malaysia. This is found at the hawker center/open air stalls. Give it a shot, you might just find that it tastes good. I did and I liked it.:o)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs...

Sleep and...Capture on camera!!!
All 3 pictured here has different characters. The brown one is the highest in hierarchy and very aloof. That makes this...a rare moment and I just can't resist capturing it on camera. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bloom...

This is grown in a pot. It is my favourite WaterLily.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dzi Beads...

Bracelets I have made. All with Dzi Beads (the longish looking bead). The first one is with the 2 'eyes' Dzi Bead. 2nd and 3rd ones, with the 3 'eyes' Dzi Bead.
Dzi beads are supposedly worn for protection and well-being. Religions doesn't come into play here. It is more of a personal thing. Personal trust and belief, I would say.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My of them

After 3 tiring, traumatic days. I decided to pamper myself with one of my favourites. If you are from Malaysia, then you'll probably know that this is Ais Kacang. Others, well, this is actually shaved ice served with kidney beans, jelly, corn, groundnuts, raisins plus a few others. Shaved ice is normally placed on top of all the ingredients and topped with sarsaperilla essence and syrup. It is sweet in taste. Locally, we call it Ais Kacang (some locals call it Air Batu Campur). Translated literally, Ice Bean. If you happen to be in London, try this new restaurant 'Jom Makan' in Pall Mall, I think they serve it there. :o)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The day...

Our dog of almost 16 years. A dog who has not given us any pain. He doesn't bother anyone. Even as a puppy he doesn't chew up anything. The time when he suffered from burst blood capillaries in the ears. One ear at a time. Surgery was done to deflate the ballooned ear. Yes, imagine one ear the size of your fist. The vet says it is painful. Somehow Bono didn't even yelp a bit. He is what we can sum hell of a dog. Very loved. The day, don't you just dread the day...?
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Know this plant...?

Does anyone know what plant this is? The fruits resemble mini apples. Looks like a red-apple only very much smaller. Right now, it is flowering and I'm waiting for the fruits to take a picture.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dessert...Potato n Sago

This is what I had for desert yesterday. [I decided to explain a little for Julia, who asked me what it is. :o) ]
The orange coloured ones, they are sweet potatoes. We have (I think) 3 types of sweet pototoes. Orange, yellow and purple. Not the yam, that is also purple in colour. The potatoes are cooked in water. Look closely, those little bubbles, they are sago. Sago is added and then coconut milk. Coconut milk is santan (in the Malaysian language). Sugar is of course, added too. There it is...a dessert. It doesn't look good, in fact a little gooey but the taste, hmmm...yummy!
** You can prepare it without the coconut milk. Just put in a crushed bit of ginger. That'll give you a different taste altogether.:o)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cambodia...Siam Reap


Trekking up BAKHENG HILL

Sunset viewed from BAKHENG HILL

Carvings on wall depicting the daily activities.
Intriguing how you can be photographed nose to nose with the Lord Buddha when the statuette is actually quite a distance away.

Four Faced Buddha in Angkor Thom-----

Bayan Tree inside Angkor Thom. Movie Tomb Raiders was filmed here (as informed by the tourist guide). This would mean, Angelina Jolie was here!!! Notice the roots of the tree growing into the building. For some parts of the ruins, it is actually the roots that is holding the ruins together.
Scenes on the way to the Fishing Village on Tonle Sap Lake...
Two different kinds of boats: One for the locals and one used for tourists to view the lake. People in the boat? They are actually children in school uniforms going to school. Notice the houses they live in. The living conditions? The amount of dirt covering the house? The roads leading to Tonle Sap Lake, they are red-earth roads. Not asphalt. These are scenes you will never see in post cards! Can you spot the house with a TV antenna? Oh the crocodiles? They are a TOURIST ATTRACTION. It is actually in one of the houses on Tonle Sap Lake. It was an 'eye-opener' sort of. This trip that is. Getting a little insight into the life style of the people here. :o)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Meet Jojo. I puppy-sat Jojo for 8 days. A silky terrier who has legs that are too long, six toes on each paw and who suffers from coprophagia. She is hyper active. Hops all around. Yes, she hops around like a grasshopper. Be careful if you happen to be lying on the couch watching TV or just resting. She'll run and just hop onto your face, body or wherever. She'll send your glasses flying if you happened to be wearing a pair. Her favourite food is...POO. Yes and omigosh, that's the one time you wouldn't want her near your face. I thought she was trained wrongly by her owner cause she was 'taught' to poo on the newspaper and she has newspaper to sleep on. Only when Audrey told me did I learn that it was because her dog food doesn't contain enough nutrients and...I thought I know a lot about dogs...aiyeee! She sits/sleeps behind me as I work or blog. Of course, she doesn't allow you to do that for too long. She'll come 'knocking'. heehee (see the pic here) It was some wonderful 8 days.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a yester Day...

Power supply interrupted. Water supply stopped. No, it isn't my fault. I paid all my bills promptly. It was the authorities and without any notice! Arghhh... Power supply 'came back' after about 2hours plus. Water supply??? 5 hours plus. Of all days, it didn't rain and the weather was scorching hot. HOT, HOT. Oh yes, we do have a BIG container of water stored for times like this. Then and again with 2 'catastrophes' together, Big ain't enough for one ole lady and a teenager. Sticky and smelly, we had to 'dry-wash' of sorts. Went outside and sat in the garden. To wait for both luxuries to 'come back', what else? Bling, bling, we decided to have some fun. Blowing bubbles. Out came the bubble bath and little bottles. Oh...we had fun. We became little kids again. Of course, mommy was much much younger. I noticed the bougainvillaes and other plants. They were blooming! Pretty and YES! Many pots in fact. The flowers and bubbly fun. All the discomforts didn't matter anymore. Simple joys of life. Don't we always not have the time to enjoy such things? Rushing in and out of the house. There is always something to do. Something important. Simple Joys???!!! Just stop, take a deep breath and enjoy. It is right here at the doorstep. :o)

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Culprit...

Here it is. Yesss the 'Thief'. For days and weeks, I was trying to figure out how did the fishes go missing? Carps, some big and some smaller ones. Who messed up my waterlilies in the pond? Who and who? The first thought was...eeks...there must be an anaconda lurking in the pond. The mess, the water lilies were all messed up. Then when our Akita was caught drinking water from the pond, the blame was shifted to her!! Aiyeee, how wicked can I be to even think that she is the one!!!?? Now here it is. The culprit is right here in the picture. Caught on camera!!! Here comes the nets for the pond and containers. Yippeee...solved.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another day...

Another day it is. It is Sunday. So...I baked a bread! What a dull day. Hopefully it'll pick up. This is the bread I baked. Honey, oats and yoghurt it is. I will bring some and go look for Lady. I hope she likes it. Poor dog, skinny and real skinny she is. Son wants his Cheese Cake. Will bake it one day soon...soon.