Friday, June 13, 2008

Dessert...Potato n Sago

This is what I had for desert yesterday. [I decided to explain a little for Julia, who asked me what it is. :o) ]
The orange coloured ones, they are sweet potatoes. We have (I think) 3 types of sweet pototoes. Orange, yellow and purple. Not the yam, that is also purple in colour. The potatoes are cooked in water. Look closely, those little bubbles, they are sago. Sago is added and then coconut milk. Coconut milk is santan (in the Malaysian language). Sugar is of course, added too. There it is...a dessert. It doesn't look good, in fact a little gooey but the taste, hmmm...yummy!
** You can prepare it without the coconut milk. Just put in a crushed bit of ginger. That'll give you a different taste altogether.:o)


Julia said...

What is it, Bubbles?? said...

Hi Julia,I decided to 'explain' a little about the dessert here. For you and all who are not Malaysians. :o)