Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a yester Day...

Power supply interrupted. Water supply stopped. No, it isn't my fault. I paid all my bills promptly. It was the authorities and without any notice! Arghhh... Power supply 'came back' after about 2hours plus. Water supply??? 5 hours plus. Of all days, it didn't rain and the weather was scorching hot. HOT, HOT. Oh yes, we do have a BIG container of water stored for times like this. Then and again with 2 'catastrophes' together, Big ain't enough for one ole lady and a teenager. Sticky and smelly, we had to 'dry-wash' of sorts. Went outside and sat in the garden. To wait for both luxuries to 'come back', what else? Bling, bling, we decided to have some fun. Blowing bubbles. Out came the bubble bath and little bottles. Oh...we had fun. We became little kids again. Of course, mommy was much much younger. I noticed the bougainvillaes and other plants. They were blooming! Pretty and YES! Many pots in fact. The flowers and bubbly fun. All the discomforts didn't matter anymore. Simple joys of life. Don't we always not have the time to enjoy such things? Rushing in and out of the house. There is always something to do. Something important. Simple Joys???!!! Just stop, take a deep breath and enjoy. It is right here at the doorstep. :o)

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Tracie said...

What a great, positive post!

Thank you ;)