Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yummy Bak Moi...

I didn't have dinner ready two nights ago. So...we went 'hunting' for food. We came across this stall by the road-side. Yes, we have stalls by the road side and they sell food. If you are a Malaysian, you will know what I'm talking about.
This is what we had for dinner. This one with rice, it is Bak Moi said in our Hokkien dialect. Translated, bak is pork and moi is porridge.

This is coarse rice noodles (chor bee hoon) served with minced pork and pig's offals. Look closely the piece near the chopsticks is pig's brain. Yes! pig's brain. The piece in the center, that is pig's kidney, sliced. There is also the pig's intestine, liver and minced pork. Urghhhh...for those who are not used to eating pig's offals. It tastes good actually. The only thing to worry is your cholesterol level.
If you are a Malaysian and intend to try this, this stall is located on the street, Kampung Malabar, Penang. This is by far, the best bak moi I've tasted. It is the stock that is the catch. We enjoyed every morsel of it and not a drop of the stock is left! I would think most uses lots of MSG but not this stall. I didn't feel real thirsty after the eating. Even if MSG is used, it is minimal unlike others who sells such stuff. By the way, the man cooking, he is the third generation manning the stall.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Missing and coping...

Good to be back. The missing is still felt in the heart but life goes on. I must say that having people around you who understands what it feels like to lose a four-legged friend helps. Yes, it does! For friends who called, emailed and one blogger (Kate, that's you) who sent me these beautiful e-flowers, I am really touched. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Some think that I'm nuts cause I cry even when something as tiny as a hamster leave us. LOL. Am I one? Nah, I would like to think that I just connect with them. Don't these four-legged ones give their love unconditionally? Yes and that's why they are loved so much.
[I thought I'd write a little about what happened after Bono left.] Even the four-legged ones themselves misses their friend. Look at Miss Malaysia of ours. She sits there for so long and I can't help wondering what is going through her mind. I think she expects Bono to appear anytime through the gate. Proud of her, she coped well. Maybe it is because she has been through this sad time once. We lost one dog 2 years ago.

Miss Mischievous is the one that had me worried. She stopped eating for 2 days. Not totally but very little. I thought she was in one of her eating moods but realised later it was not. She would just lie there and not move. Her head is always looking to the place where Bono used to sleep. Yes, she misses him too. Makes you feel even more sad just looking at her. It is drizzling but she refused to budge even when I ask her to get up. I did lots of talking to her. Slowly, I think all of us managed to tell her somehow, that Bono is gone and not coming back.
Life is more or less back to normal. We still talk about Bono. How can we stop? 16 years is a looong looong time. We miss you Bono where ever you may be now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Goodbye Bono, Goodbye...

Its been a good and wonderful 16 years (one month short actually). We will remember you forever. No amount of tears will be enough to describe the pain in my heart. In our hearts. We love you and always will. Goodbye and may you be reborn in a better realm.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let me see...

What is happening outside? Oh...isn't this a busy-body dog! Really, she is the only dog we have so far, that does this act. Poking her head out of the hole in the gate just to see...!:o)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We had a the middle of the night!

At 1 am in the morning??? A King Fisher! Yesss, that was it. Our Miss Mischievous was trying to get something out from behind a flower pot. Yowling, growling, mumbling, grumbling, I just had to check. What is behind the pot? Yikes, she got it! It was a bird. Let it go...let it go. Luckily, she did! Phew...It flew to the window and thank goodness it was closed so the bird was trapped between the panes. Eeew, will it peck me if I try to get it? I decided to use a t-shirt and cover it with. Yippeee...caught it. There you go, into the old hamster cage. Ooh, it is sooo beautiful. We released it in the park the next morning. No worries, KingFisher was still in one good piece. :o)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hawker Center/Open Air Stalls...

These are open air/hawker stalls that are found on the island of Penang. If you are a Malaysian, you'll know what I'm talking about. Others, these are places where you'll find food that we locals eat. Of course, you can find these foods served in Hotels but then, the price is different. Try the Western cuisine (ala Malaysia), you might just love it!:o)

It rained baby frogs...

We had a thunderstorm a few days ago. It didn't rained cats and dogs over at my house but baby frogs!!! I think there must be over 20 of them. Some so tiny it is just like a dot when placed on my thumb. I managed to catch a few of them. The rest??? They disappeared cause our Akita was busy trying to catch them too. A few escaped. I think they either jumped or climbed out of the container. Right now, I think they must be somewhere in the sitting room. All of us are making sure that we don't keep our mouths open when we lie asleep on the couch in the sitting room. Just in or two decides to jump into our mouths!!! ahaaahaa... :o)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Banana 'Cake'...

Hubby came home with these for tea. I thought I'd write a little about it just for kicks and giggles. It is quite similar to the Banana Cake. (atleast, that's what I think) The ingredients are bananas, flour, sugar, baking agent and fats. Same for Banana Cake, right? Only prepared differently. The local name for this 'cake' is what I think is interesting. It is called Kueh Kodok. Kueh means cake (literally) and Kodok??? It means Toad!! Look at the picture, it does look like one, not? This snack isn't baked but deep fried. It is mashed bananas, sugar and flour all mixed up. Then, it is lumped up and deep fried. Oil here is vegetable oil or peanut oil or any other. Try it, the taste is wonderful though I must admit, the sight isn't. :o)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

So beautiful...

I found this on my balcony floor. Almost swept it into my dustpan. Only it wriggled, it moved, it is alive!!! A live pupa. I think a bird must have dropped it. No plants where could it have come from except dropped by a bird or from the sky?! Kept it for 8 days...

This is what emerged. Isn't it beautiful?:o)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Miss Mischievous...

Our Akita at 3 months old. She is a product of in-breeding. As a result, she has a deformed right leg and a misaligned jaw. These resulted in her having eating problems and walking with a very bad limp. She was given to us as a 'gift'. Gift???!!! We would like to think that the owner knew her problems, only we didn't.

Miss Mischievious as she is today. Playful and mischievous.

Please don't inbreed. Have pity on the puppies. Very few come without deformities!