Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Goodbye Bono, Goodbye...

Its been a good and wonderful 16 years (one month short actually). We will remember you forever. No amount of tears will be enough to describe the pain in my heart. In our hearts. We love you and always will. Goodbye and may you be reborn in a better realm.


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

"Despite the pain of grief, we are the lucky ones to understand the experience of joy which sharing life with an animals brings".

T and I understand what you are feeling.

Blogging is odd: I know nothing about you but I will be thinking of you while the pain is raw and hoping that you take comfort in knowing that you give your dogs happy lives.

Thinking also of the other dogs while they adjust to the abscence.

Sincerely. Kate. said...

Dear Kate n T,
My heartfelt appreciation for your thoughts. Yes, it is really painful.A day of crying hasn't helped. Somehow, don't we always wonder if we have done enough, done the right thing? We had to euthanise Bono n God, that was a painful n difficult decision. All I pray is Bono understands and I'm forgiven.

The web/net has brought me closer to the world odd as it may seems. I have a very dear friend here. Someone whom I've not met but is very dear. Someone I'll write about in time to come.

Thanks Kate. It is the thoughts you give that brings comfort.

Hugs for you