Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Missing and coping...

Good to be back. The missing is still felt in the heart but life goes on. I must say that having people around you who understands what it feels like to lose a four-legged friend helps. Yes, it does! For friends who called, emailed and one blogger (Kate, that's you) who sent me these beautiful e-flowers, I am really touched. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Some think that I'm nuts cause I cry even when something as tiny as a hamster leave us. LOL. Am I one? Nah, I would like to think that I just connect with them. Don't these four-legged ones give their love unconditionally? Yes and that's why they are loved so much.
[I thought I'd write a little about what happened after Bono left.] Even the four-legged ones themselves misses their friend. Look at Miss Malaysia of ours. She sits there for so long and I can't help wondering what is going through her mind. I think she expects Bono to appear anytime through the gate. Proud of her, she coped well. Maybe it is because she has been through this sad time once. We lost one dog 2 years ago.

Miss Mischievous is the one that had me worried. She stopped eating for 2 days. Not totally but very little. I thought she was in one of her eating moods but realised later it was not. She would just lie there and not move. Her head is always looking to the place where Bono used to sleep. Yes, she misses him too. Makes you feel even more sad just looking at her. It is drizzling but she refused to budge even when I ask her to get up. I did lots of talking to her. Slowly, I think all of us managed to tell her somehow, that Bono is gone and not coming back.
Life is more or less back to normal. We still talk about Bono. How can we stop? 16 years is a looong looong time. We miss you Bono where ever you may be now.

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