Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Banana 'Cake'...

Hubby came home with these for tea. I thought I'd write a little about it just for kicks and giggles. It is quite similar to the Banana Cake. (atleast, that's what I think) The ingredients are bananas, flour, sugar, baking agent and fats. Same for Banana Cake, right? Only prepared differently. The local name for this 'cake' is what I think is interesting. It is called Kueh Kodok. Kueh means cake (literally) and Kodok??? It means Toad!! Look at the picture, it does look like one, not? This snack isn't baked but deep fried. It is mashed bananas, sugar and flour all mixed up. Then, it is lumped up and deep fried. Oil here is vegetable oil or peanut oil or any other. Try it, the taste is wonderful though I must admit, the sight isn't. :o)

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