Sunday, July 20, 2008

We had a the middle of the night!

At 1 am in the morning??? A King Fisher! Yesss, that was it. Our Miss Mischievous was trying to get something out from behind a flower pot. Yowling, growling, mumbling, grumbling, I just had to check. What is behind the pot? Yikes, she got it! It was a bird. Let it go...let it go. Luckily, she did! Phew...It flew to the window and thank goodness it was closed so the bird was trapped between the panes. Eeew, will it peck me if I try to get it? I decided to use a t-shirt and cover it with. Yippeee...caught it. There you go, into the old hamster cage. Ooh, it is sooo beautiful. We released it in the park the next morning. No worries, KingFisher was still in one good piece. :o)

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