Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I call...a meal

With renovations being done to the kitchen, I am having a 'no cooking' time. Ahaahaaa...don't I enjoy such times. Ahem, ahemmm...do I?

Some 'pro-per' food this time. As a Malaysian (Chinese), a proper meal will be a sit down dinner with dishes. Rice is always eaten with these dishes and sometimes soup, is included. This is Federal Place, a Chinese Restaurant that we visited. We had our dinner here.

This is the grilled lamb ribs and it is something different. Different in the sense, it is lightly seasoned and grilled. No gravy accompanying the ribs. Most serve the grilled lamb with gravy. This particular restaurant doesn't. You just eat it with the mint sauce or on its own. It is aromatic and tender. Grilled just right!

Toufoo on metal plate. Unlike the other restaurants, this dish is done differently here. An egg is used to coat the bottom of the metal plate. This dish is actually toufoo with mince pork and salted fish. Spring onion is added as garnishing. It is stir fried. You can see it still bubbling with heat as it is served. Hmmm...yummy. 'Kai Lan' (Chinese kale) stir fried with mushrooms in oyster sauce was the next dish. Very well prepared. The kai lan is still crunchy but cooked. The last dish, chicken marinated with belachan (dry prawn paste) and deep fried. This I would say is an 'acquired taste' dish. Not because of the chicken but more because belachan is added. Take away the belachan, this dish will taste just like any normal deep fried chicken. The whole meal was good. The pricing of this place is reasonable for the quality of food served. If you are thinking of visiting this place, it is where the cinema, Federal used to be. Enjoy. :o)

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Anonymous said...

Your meal sounds wonderful, I think!!!!! Being your American Twin, I still like my fried chicken crunchy and crsp with nothing mre added. It is going to take me a good while to get used to your kind of food. But, I will try...

Your Twin