Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another week and still going on...

I was happy to see the first batch of workers clearing the debris and taking them away. Then, disaster! Omigosh, I don't see any drainage holes and one water pipe for my existing tap, where is the pipe? Someone cut it off!!! Where is the drainage pipe and the hole? I see nothing but a nice cemented new floor. Phonecalls and back they come.

Pictures here shows two guys. What are they doing? Having fun of course, looking for the pipe that leads to my tap and finding the drainage pipe.

No worries, they found it. Finding out (roughly) where they are situated is a piece of cake. It was the drilling part that was hard. The hard ground plus they have to be careful not to puncture the pipes. Oh, I did help a little by helping to locate the pipes and then standing there to make sure that they don't get carried away with the drilling. After buckets of sweat, wahla..., you can see in the pictures the hidden 'treasures' found!

Meet Mohin who is our Chief Mason (acting). He is always left here by his 'boss' to do the tiling. Boss Mason has another job to be finished. We couldn't do much to stop Boss because that's the normal practise over here. They can undertake many jobs at one time and play appearing and disappearing acts.
Here you can see Mohin busy at work. He is camera shy. I took 5 shots and only managed to catch one with his face, partially but then it is better than nothing. LOL. Yes, the floor tiles will be finished today. A little on Mohin--Mohin was thrilled yesterday when I said he is a Bangladeshi and I couldn't help laughing. Why? Over here in Malaysia, they are called Bangala or Bangla. Mohin doesn't like it and he said the same goes for his compatriots. I am the first he heard saying that he is a Bangladeshi. It was nice seeing his wide toothy smile. Mohin is back here to Malaysia a 2nd time and working for the same Boss Mason. According to Mohin, wages are very, very low in Bangladesh and you earn from hand to mouth. It is sad but that's a fact back home, Malaysians are lucky. Well, thank you Mohin for opening my eyes wider!

One thing I must admit, despite his appearing with 3 workers in the morning and disappearing with 1 worker later on, I can't complain about this Boss Mason. You can see in the pictures here, he personally handles the job of making the concrete tops, sides and the base of my counters. A neat job is what he has given me. I was a bit worried about the strength of the top and to prove the strength Boss Mason climbed up on the top and danced on it. Ahaaahaa...yes I think it is good and strong. I'm smaller than he is.
Hmmm...another 2 weeks (almost) added. Light is shining brighter. Tiling job will be finished by tomorrow. Then it will be another batch...:o)
to be continued...

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