Monday, October 6, 2008

A Japanese Restaurant...Asagiri is the name

With our kitchen still under 'repairs', dinner is usually a dine-out affair. This is one of the restaurants which we liked to frequent. Japanese food, yes it is. Son's favourite is all I can say. This restaurant happens to be his favourite. Daddy relents every time he asked for a meal here, reason being...the pricing of food here is reasonable. Japanese food is expensive here in Malaysia. To get a Japanese meal of reasonable standard, you normally have to pay quite a lot compared to a normal Chinese meal. Son has been asking if I've written about this particular restaurant. He is worried that it'll be closed for business if there isn't enough advertising done. Heeeheee... You see, this place is not strategically located. It is in a quiet area at night that is and is easily missed.

The menu offered here is limited but the food served is delicious. These are the particular two that got us 'hooked'. The first is the DIY Temakisushi. Making our own sushi! Wow...oh wow. It was a first for the 3 of us. For the number of sushis we made, I must say the price is resonably cheap. We had some good fun making the sushi and this is what I have to say...all 3 of us, we failed miserably. Guess you can see it from the picture here. Greedy, greedy, too much rice put on the seaweed sheet. How to make a nice neat sushi with that much ingredient?! LOL.

The second is the Roru Kyabetsu (rolled cabbage). The filling is either beef or chicken. It is deeelicious. How not to, that was what son said. Reason being, the owner Mister Oki (Oki San) is also the Chef. All meals are prepared by him personally. The times that we visited, Mister Oki was also the waiter. A personal touch is what you get when you visit this restaurant. If you are wondering where it is, Gottlieb Road it is on and right across Penang Chinese Girls' High School. I think it is a few shoplots away from Sukihotu (it is on the same row). Pay Mister Oki a visit if you want good home cooked Japanese food. You won't be disappointed. Oh yah, the grilled eel, this is a must try. Good price and good amount served.

***Asagiri 'sudah hilang' (disappeared). I don't know where Oki San went. Sorry.


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

At least you're eating well! You could always pretend, when the kitchen is finished, that it's been so long, that you've forgotten how to cook! That would be my line! said...

LOL...I think I will adopt your line. Good one indeed. TQ