Thursday, December 11, 2008

One moment please...

This came to me through email. I thought it would be a good idea to share. Now...who doesn't go through tension eh???

The Moment you are in Tension You will lose your Attention Then you are in total Confusion And you will feel Irritation Then you will spoil personal Relation Ultimately, you won't get Co - Operation Then you will make things Complication Then your blood pressure may raise Caution And you may have to take Medication Instead, understand the Situation And try to think about the Solution Many problems will be solved by Discussion This will work out better in your Profession Don't think it's my free Suggestion It's only for your Prevention If you understand my Intention You will never come again to Tension
- Bill Gates

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miss Mischievous and her Big Day...

This was how Miss Mischievous looked on her Big Day. Right, she is going for her spay job. She had to be kept away from water after midnight. To prevent her from drinking any water, I had no choice but to lock her up for the night. She felt very unhappy, what else. She sulked alright. Once out, she was happy. See in the picture, she didn't know what the day holds. Still running all over with Miss Malaysia. Who is worried and stressed? Oh this ole me, of course. Here she is in the car and ready for the journey to the vet. Ah right, the date it was done, 1st December. I didn't have time to post it. Sorry...
Vet said he will call when she comes around. Well, it wasn't me the Vet will call. It was hubby. Hubby was the one who took her for the operation. Day wasn't easy to pass. Finally, hubby called at around 6:30 pm and said Dog is okay but...can only collect her after 8:00 pm.
We picked Mischievous up at 8:30 pm. She snoozed all the way home. Once home, she headed for the water container. Then I led her into the cage. Here she is, her eyes dopey and tongue droopy. She didn't want any food. Here in the picture is how she looked. Feverish and boy, was I worried. Towards dawn, she hasn't moved from the plank she slept earlier. Next morning??? she is. Standing on her hind legs. I had to shoo her down. Right...she is a okay now. From now on, we needn't have to worry ourselves with her 'boyfriends' following us all over when she...!!! We looked like we were walking 4 - 5 dogs when she was on heat the last time. LOL :o)