Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cairo to Luxor

DAY 3 Morning call at 4:30am. We are catching the first flight to Luxor, a city of Central Egypt. We will be cruising on the River Nile from south to north of Egypt.

Touched down. Luxor.

Karnak Temple. The first temple we visited. The Karnak Temple. This was ancient Egyptian main place of worship of the Theban tribe with Amun as its head in the monumental city of Thebes. Picture here shows a row of ram head sphinxes which was built to protect the temple
Notice how huge the columns are compared to the humans? I was in awe of what I see here
Obelisk and columns with open papyrus top.

One of the remaining columns with an open papyrus top.

Monument of a scarab. It is facing the sacred lake of Amun (which unfortunately, my picture turned out all dark!). I found this site which has interesting write up on this temple.

Our 'precious' tree. We heard our Tour Guide mentioned the tree, Papyrus. It was mentioned many times and thus we were on the lookout. This tree caught my attention and I thought I saw many around the temple grounds. PAPYRUS! This must be the tree. Right, we went posing around the tree. Not just this tree but about two others. Ohh...sad, embarassed when we asked our tour guide? Embarassement it was. This is a date palm tree. I would like to think that the dust from the dessert has gotten to our brains!!! heeeheee.

Luxor Temple. Our next stop. It is a lengthy piece of history too for this temple. A temple built largely by Amenhotep III and Ramesses II. The website I stated above or some on the web offers an interesting insight into the story behind these magnificent temples.

Open court with columns having closed papyrus top. These are lower columns which can't get the sunlight and so closed papyrus tops are used.
After the tour of 2 temples, we head back to the ship for lunch. :o)

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