Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Carpet Weaving Egypt

DAY 7 contd...
Our next stop is a Carpet Weaving School.
We were told that parents send their young to carpet schools like this one, to learn the art of carpet weaving.
You can see women both young and very young; men and boys too here, learning the art of weaving. I have doubts about the learning part.

This boy here, he waved to me to 'sit' with him while he tie the knots. Of course, doorlah has to be paid to him. He asked for basis not that I minded. Yes, that's how these hand-made carpets are made. Knots are tied one by one onto screen of threads. The stick that is held in his right hand? That is a blade he uses to cut the yarn. They are so deft with their fingers that you don't even notice a knot being tied. They must be admired for their patience. Patience tying millions of knots to complete one piece of carpet.

See the large jars under the tree? These are for tap water. Most houses in the village do not have piped water. We were told that the villages buy tap water and store them in the jars for cooking and drinking purposes. Google for Egyptian houses and you'll find interesting description of Egyptian houses.
We had buffet lunch today. As the batteries for my camera is running on low, I limited my excessive picture taking. I can't resist this one though. Here, you find the traditional oven for the making of the Egyptian eesh (bread). For home made ones like these, a layer of bran is sprinkled at the bottom of the bread. I just couldn't have enough of this bread.

Young school children.

See roads without lines drawn to indicate the lanes?

I find this amusing. These vendors, they just place their tables in the middle (actually quite middle) of the road to sell their things. I am on the opposite side of the road. Of course, there are no lines to indicate the lane which is the norm here in Egypt. Now, for our next stop...:o)

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