Monday, January 12, 2009

Edfu Temple and Kom Ombo temple


We will be visiting the Edfu Temple this morning. Yes, we are going to the site by horse carriage. Gee...what an exciting way to visit a place.

Entrance to Temple of Horus at Edfu. This is the second largest temple in Egypt after the Karnak Temple. This temple is dedicated to Horus, the falcon headed God.
Our guide told us that the sanctuary is a place only for the King and the High Priest in ancient Egypt. A very sacred and very, very quiet place. A holy of holiest place. Just imagine us today, we are allowed to visit, take pictures and make a lot of noise. The place is the sanctuary of Horus with ritual barge (divine boat) and black granite shrine at the back.
Notice the defaced wall relief?
Our horse carriages and 'drivers' waiting outside the temple. Our journey back to our cruise boat was an interesting one. This driver that we had, he was angry because we wouldn't give him any doorlah (US dollar) or basis. You see, our guide told us to refrain because of late, the drivers have become quite unruly. Well, since we paid no heed to the driver's request, he decided to 'drive' us very slowly back. I managed to get quite a few pictures. How nice...!
Man wearing the Galabea.
Man in the picture, he's having a sheesha time. Smoking tobacco mixed with fruits from a specially designed pipe. This is one scene I'll be seeing quite often on my journey here in Egypt.
We had a nice slow ride back to the cruise boat. It was slow alright. From a leading position, we slowly became the last to arrive at the cruise boat. heeeheee... NOW, see what was in store for us? I think I must be really 'dusted' in the brain from the slow ride home. It was a real dusty horse carriage ride. To and fro, that is. It could be the excitement from what I saw when I said this...see they made us bull horns this time!!! is no bull's horns was hubby's reply. LOOK CLOSELY! I did, oh...what made me see bull's horns?!!! How is a heart! ahaahaaa... Cruise boat set sail and it is now for Kom Ombo.

DAY 5 evening...
Entrance of Kom Ombo temple. It is only 5:00pm but it looks like late evening. It is winter now and that is the reason. Windy and chilly. This temple is dedicated to the Crocodile god. God Sobek.

Notice the relief that is oval in shape? That is an Egyptian cartouche. It is a kind of nameplate. These are used by ancient Egyptians for Kings, Queens and other high ranking people. Hieroglyphic symbols are used and enclosed in a loop.

More relief on the walls.

The Sacred Well of Kom Ombo. This well is also used as a Nilo-meter. My picture isn't clear. There is still water at the bottom of the well.

Picture shows a scene opposite this temple. Shops selling Egyptian things. Now it is back to the cruise boat for dinner.

Here is MISTER CHEF. Tonight we were told we'll be having for dinner what the Egyptians eat at home. Yummy is what we were told it will be.
On the plate, stuffed chicken. Barbequed pigeon, stuffed zuchini, kus kus and spiced rice. I ate all except the barbequed pigeon which hubby devoured every morsel.

Egyptian salad and appetisers.

Bread pudding in the pot ala Egyptian style. The 'water' you see in the pudding, I thought it tasted like sweetened milk.

Egyptian dessert. Lots and lots of sweet and very sweet desserts.

After dinner, this is what I can say, Egyptian cuisine uses a lot of herbs. A very interesting dinner. Enjoyable and manageable. :o)

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