Sunday, January 4, 2009

Egypt here we come...

Christmas decorations in one of the shops in Kuala Lumpur International airport. Yes, we are on our way to Egypt for holiday! Yippeee...after all the packing and packing we are finally on our way. We had to transit in Bahrain. This is Bahrain arrival lounge. We stayed at Bahrain International hotel courtesy of Gulf Air since we are on transit. After dinner we visited the Bahrain World Trade Centre in Manama. It is has the world's first integrated three wind turbine blades installed. It is a twin skyscraper. Beautiful building.

Next, we visited the Al-Fatih Mosque. It is one of the largest mosque in the world. The largest place of worship in Bahrain. Mainly sandstone is used as building material here. Tiles, rarely unlike in Malaysia.

Our breakfast middle-east style. Taste more or less like what we have back home except for the bread. Middle-east bread is what I can say. Oh okay, I'm still sleepy so I can't really taste that well! I did get my stomach filled and that is what it matters.We depart Bahrain for Cairo after breakfast and thus... our tour begins! :o)

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