Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza...

DAY 7 contd
YESS, we are here!!! See THE GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA!!! is awesome. breathtaking, magnificent, ooh, everything! Just take a look at the 3 pyramids. Pyramids of Khufu(Cheops in Greek), Khafre (Chephren) and Menkaure (Mycerious). Grandfather, father and son respectively.
Camel rides to get closer to the Great Pyramids? Ooo or what? I am getting up on a camel. I am excited till I got on the camel. is scary when the camel gets on its feet. See, camels are huge animals and since I'm not a good friend of heights, I got really scared when the camel stood up. I went..eeee, eeeks...whoaaa...

See in the picture? There are no reins for you except a stick that is mounted of sorts on to the camel for holding and one at the back of the camel for another camel's reins to be roped on.

All pictures of the many magnificent views taken 'onboard' a camel by me. Right, after a while, you get used to the 'rocking' movements and actually it is quite enjoyable too.

End of ride.

Our guide caught a scarab. He was very elated with his catch. See the scarab? Scarabs in Ancient Egypt time are linked to Khepri, God of the rising sun. Scarabs are sacred to the Egyptians back then. It is also considered good luck when you see one. What are they? They are actually dung beetles.

The pyramid of Khafre. The pyramid is recognisable by the original casing stones.
We walked around the grounds of these Great Pyramids after the camel ride. The feeling is awesome. Reallly, reaallly, awesome. I kept bending down and touching the sand.

See the rocks of the pyramids...Up close and personal! You are not allowed to go beyond the ropes tied around the pyramid. Hubby asked the guard on duty and of course we paying doorlah to the guard, which we gladly did. How we touched and touched the pyramid. We are here....YES, WE ARE and HAVE TOUCHED THE GREAT PYRAMID OF KHUFU. The one we touched and this close up picture of the rocks. I can't describe the feeling. All of us didn't go into the pyramid to see the inside. After all the famous mummy, King Tutankamun and his treasures are not there. Treasures have all been removed and placed in the Royal Mummies Hall in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
The Sphinx, one of the best known monuments on earth. Behind the Sphinx is the Pyramid of Khafre. I remember drinking 'sphinx' brand condensed milk in my younger days. heeeheee...
The sun is setting and it is time to leave the site. Oh, it is sad leaving the place.
Now to Alexandria.

A meal in Alexandria. A simple meal like this costs 60 LE (Egyptian pounds). Was told the cost of living in Alexandria is high. There is nothing special except the taste. The fish is grilled (I think it was marinated with salt and some herbs) and served with boiled potatoes and some deep fried calamari. All done with herbs and spices. Oh yah the rice, it is different from the rice we eat in Malaysia. It is roundish (something like Japanese rice) and cooked with a lot of herbs. I quite like this meal. Now to check into the hotel. We will be staying at Hilton Hotel, Alexandria. :o)There are even people performing their prayers here.

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