Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Temple (Ramses II) & Temple of Hathor/Nefertari...(Egypt)

We have to be up at 2:30 am today! Yes another ungodly hour. We will be travelling to Abu Simbel in a convoy of coaches. This is for security reasons as explained by our guide. Abu Simbel is near the border of Sudan.
Breakfast bags were given and we are on our way. I just had to stay awake. Look at the sky as the sun emerge. Picturesque is what I can say.

Here we are, The Great Temple of Ramses II. This temple is cut out of the rocks. It is amazing how all these are possible. Look at the size of the temple. No wonder these two temples are among the most magnificent monuments in the world.
After the construction of the High Dam, this temple was threatened by submersion in Lake Nasser. What our guide told us was really amazing and what modern technology can do. This temple was moved rock by rock to its present location. It was raised 60 meters up the sand stone cliff it was built on. Everything exactly the same as before, in relation to the sun, etc. This was history in itself. Unesco's support was sought.
Four Colossi showing Ramses II seated with his hands on his thighs.

Queen Nerfertari is seen here. (next to the thigh of Ramses II)

Temple of Hathor/Nerfartari can be seen on the right here.

Another opening leading to the inside of The Great Temple. ** You can google for more write ups on this temple. Phenomenal things happen here in this temple. :o)

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