Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Philae Temple & Unfinished Obelisk...

DAY 6 contd..
Now it is travelling back to Aswan from Abu Simbel. On the way,we pass the High Dam.

The High Dam was built in the 1960s. When it was built, 30% cultivable land was created.

Beautiful sight of Lake Nassar

Nubians still live around this region. Our guide told us that the Nubians aren't happy with the Egyptians for building the dam. They have been moved away after the dam construction but they always find their way back. The web has some interesting write ups on why the Nubians aren't happy with the construction.

Can't help taking a picture of this Egret. Back home and living in the city, I rarely see one.

We will be packing our things after lunch today. One last look here. With no TV reception, no internet, the cruise was a bit boring. However, after spending 3 days here, I think I'm going to miss it. Floating hotel like what I call it.

Our next visit was to the enormous Unfinished Obelisk.

Here you can see the enormous Unfinished Obelisk. It is in
the granite quarry of Aswan. Most of the obelisks found in the temples of Egypt are from this quarry. This project of carving the obelisk was abandoned after cracks came up in it.
Look at the size of the obelisk. Doesn't it make you wonder how ancient Egyptians transport these obelisks to their respective temples?

Taking a boat to the island of Philae.

Here you can see the Temple of Philae (Temple of Isis) on the island. Picture taken from boat on the River Nile
The Philae Temple.
Relief of the Goddess Isis.

Background, is the resting place of the Gods.
Relief on the walls inside the temple.
Now for the highlight of the evening...Sleeper Train. Yes, we will be taking the sleeper train back to Cairo.
We even have a little basin in the cabin.
Breakfast in bed!

The beverages list.


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