Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pompey's Pillar...(Egypt)

We are now in the city of Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt. Alexandria, the Pearl of the Mediterranean. A city that was discovered by Alexander the Great.

Our first stop for the day was Pompey's Pillar. A granite column erected by the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Tram service in Alexandria. It is the oldest tram service that is still running in Africa.

Our next stop, the Roman Catacombs (underground tunnels). The higher level of the ground in the picture shows the original level when it was discovered. The catacombs was discovered when a donkey drawn cart fell into a pit. No pictures are allowed to be taken inside the tunnel. Sorry. We were taken down the into the tunnel and below the ground to see the catacombs. It was a really scary walk down into the ground. Since no pictures were allowed inside, the web would be an interesting place to read more and find out more.
Now to our next place of interest... :o)

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