Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Surprise Visitor...

[Picture one, taken by me. I stood on a high chair to take this picture. YES, I was shaking all over. Focus was done all out. ]
I woke up to hear one of the dogs barking away. Went downstairs and saw Miss Mischievous standing at the window and looking in. Got out and gave her a hug. Now, what's with all that barking? Walked to the back room and saw Miss Malaysia there barking away. Now, now, what's with all these barking, I asked her. Then I heard this funny sound coming from the bathroom. All I saw was something long. Aiyeee...I ran out of the room and closed the door. I thought I saw a snake. Ran to the back of the house where the dogs were and peeked inside. Whoaaa me...there is a huge Monitor lizard in the bathroom. I woke my son up and told him what was downstairs. Taking a look at his sleepy self, I thought I needed more than his help. I called my neighbour who was kind enough to come over and help. He tried prodding the lizard lightly with a long stick to try and get it out of the bathroom and outside. Eeeeks, the noise the lizard made, it was so unusual. Scary and eerie. Something like a man clearing his throat and from a reptile? I have never heard anything like that!!! The lizard turned aggressive. (See the picture) It bloated up. Estimate Lizard's size against the floor tiles. The tiles on the floor measures 8 X 8 inches. Eeeks...it is about 4 ft long. Lizards this size are very rare where I live. I mean we don't see them in our house! Eeeks...more eeeks. [Son took these 2 pictures of Lizard in the bathroom]

Monitor lizard finally went out of the bathroom and out of the house. It ran to the back portion of the house and here it is. This area is just behind the kitchen. I took these pictures from the windows of the kitchen. Somewhere I know IT can't get me.
Here, after taking this shot, I left the camera in the kitchen and walked outside to see what the 2 men were doing. The next thing I knew was, the lizard came running towards me. Omigosh...OH NOOO...I ran shrieking and clamoured up the tumble dryer. For someone who freaks out even when a house lizard drops down, that was a disaster for me. I think my screams could be heard 10 houses down the road. The dreadful and scariest thing was, Lizard was trying to climb up the dryer where I was sitting to try and escape from the two men. Silly men I thought at that moment. One was holding a stick and the other a huge piece of curtain. Oh, go away, go away...! Neighbour walked up and prodded it with the stick he was holding. Monitor lizard suddenly darted out and ran for its life. It ran to the garden and climbed up on the pillar. Remained there for quite many hours. I took these pictures of Monitor lizard standing on the edge of my pond. I zoomed it in. There was no way I'm going to go near the lizard and I know it can't fly, can it? After sometime, it disappeared. I discovered it had gone into my neighbour's drain. This is mind boggling because the pipe is so small compared to Lizard's size. It was there until evening. All I see is this tail sticking out from the time I took the picture. I had hubby help to tug and pull it out from the hole. The hole measures only 3 ins wide. There was no way it could come out. Hubby didn't want to pull too hard lest the tail come off from Lizard's body. He decided to leave Lizard there. There were no hoses long enough to bring water to it and there was no water flowing out that drainage hole. The only thing I could do was, try to splash as much water as I could into the hole. That I did and the last time I saw the tail still sticking out was around 12 m/n plus and I splashed water into the hole again. Nothing much I/we could do except to pray that it will finally reverse itself out of the hole.

YES! It wasn't there this morning. Hopefully it went somewhere safe. :o)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love and Sorrow...

This came to me through email. It is too touching not to pass it around. I just had to share...

Quote: There is more love among animals than the average person who has no pets can even imagine...

Here his wife is injured and the condition is fatal. She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road. Here he brought her food and attended to her with love and compassion.
He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead. He tried to move her...a rarely seen effort for swallows!
Aware that his sweetheart is dead and will never come back to him again, he cries with adoring love.
He stood beside her saddened by her death.
Finally aware that she would never return to him, he stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow.

Millions of people cried after watching this picture in America and Europe and even in India. It is said that the Photographer sold these pictures for a nominal fee to the most famous newspaper in France. All copies of that newspaper were sold out on the day these pictures were published. And many people think animals don't have a brain or feelings??? Unquote.