Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garbage Enzyme...

You are reading the title right. This is garbage enzyme. To tell it honestly, when I first read about this enzyme in our local daily, I wasn't the least interested in it. Sceptical would be the right word to describe my feelings. It wasn't until my friend dragged (yes practically had to) me to her toilet to show me how good this enzyme is was I convinced. It is also environmental friendly. This enzyme can be used for the washing of toilets, plates and even hair. One friend tried it on her dog which has skin problems and it kinda healed. I just have to start making it myself. Now to make this enzyme, you need 3 kg fruits peel, 1 kg brown sugar (not castor brown sugar)/molasses and 10 litres water. It has to be left to ferment for 3 months. Stir it occasionally to let the gas out.
The latest that I read in our local daily, vegetables scraps (uncooked) can also be used. According to my friend, if only citrus fruits' peel are used, the stench would be bearable. I decided to follow her advice. Who wants stench, right? Here in picture No. 1, those are the peels that I used.

This second picture is 3 days after I've started the process.

Picture 3...This is 1&1/2 months after.

Now, we'll wait for the 3 months period to be up and see the results, won't we? Stay with me...:o)