Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is ready!

Here it is. The Stomach enzyme is ready after 21 days of 'fermenting'. This was what I saw when I looked into the bottle. I took a sniff. It smells like wine.
The next thing I did was pour it through a sieve and watched it flow into the wine bottle. Yes, what bottle to use, other than a wine one, no? I couldn't wait, I just had to taste a bit of it. My home made 'red wine'. I dipped my finger into the red coloured thingy. It tasted good. I expected it to be very sweet having added a whole packet of sugar in it but it wasn't as sweet as I expected it to be.
I decided to use a transparent glass to make seeing the 'red wine' better for the picture taking, that is.
I got myself 3/4 bottle of enzyme at the end of the sieving process. Oh, I was told that after the fermenting the pulp left behind, they can be pureed and added into jellies, yoghurt or you can just eat it plain. Ermmm...I didn't like what was left behind. To me, it looks a bit gooey. I think I'm happy with just the liquid part. Now, to consume the enzyme instructions says it is one part enzyme to 10 parts water. Each consumption should be around 30 ml. I've consumed four portions of it to date. I'm still here (not dead or otherwise, just joking) and doing fine. There is a slight alchohol content inside judging from the smell/fragrance. I have a friend who took it 'neat' the whole 30 mls and then thought this to herself...anti-aging and high in anti-oxidant. Okay, she couldn't resist and took another gulp of 30 mls. She felt a bit tipsy and her face and ears turned red. So, I(we) think alcohol is present after the fermenting process. Of course, I didn't ask her which properties of the enzyme prompted her to take 30 mls plus 30 mls at once...I just made a mental guess. Me? I've consumed it four times already. Okay, okay, your guess is as good as mine...ahaaahaaa. Enjoy if you have already made yours because I am. It tastes just like some sweet cordial with a little alcohol in it. :o)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Enzyme...for the stomach

After the garbage enzyme comes this...Stomach enzyme. Yes, this is for consumption. The people I come into contact with talks about enzymes these days. One local daily had a write up about a chef using enzymes in the sauces he prepares. Hmmm...many uses for these enzymes (right, there is more than one type of enzyme). Okay, since I'm making this particular one, the enzyme for the stomach write only on this kind, I shall. This enzyme I'm making is supposedly good for those with gastric problems, those whose stomach 'bloat' after a meal, those who has digestive problems, to sum things up, everything to do with the stomach. The other qualities are; it is high in anti-oxidants and also anti-aging. Ermmm...this is one of the qualites that got me into making this enzyme. Heeeheee...can't deny the truth but it is also because of the other qualities. Now this is only hearsay from those who has consumed this enzyme and from what I've read in our local dailies and books. Just use your own discretion is what I'm trying to say.

This is how the enzyme is made. You need 3 red dragon fruits, 3 lemons and a packet of sugar.
I use this type of cane sugar. Rock sugar can be used too.
Clean the fruits thoroughly and then have them peeled. Slice them up and arrange them in a container. A glass one would be good. Arrange them in layers one after the other. Oh...if you are a bit lazy, the whole lot can just be dumped in. heeeheee...just joking. It looks nice when they are arranged in layers.
A friend has made and consumed this enzyme. She told me it is quite like wine. Red wine! Yeah, I would think it will be red in colour taking a look at the red dragon fruits.
Make a note that the container has to be water free and the lid covered tightly and it is not to be opened for 3 weeks. Oh yes...mine is already done and is presently 'fermenting' in the bottle (4th day today). I really can't wait for the 3 weeks to be up...hopefully it is a success. We'll see...in 3 weeks time.:o)