Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is ready!

Here it is. The Stomach enzyme is ready after 21 days of 'fermenting'. This was what I saw when I looked into the bottle. I took a sniff. It smells like wine.
The next thing I did was pour it through a sieve and watched it flow into the wine bottle. Yes, what bottle to use, other than a wine one, no? I couldn't wait, I just had to taste a bit of it. My home made 'red wine'. I dipped my finger into the red coloured thingy. It tasted good. I expected it to be very sweet having added a whole packet of sugar in it but it wasn't as sweet as I expected it to be.
I decided to use a transparent glass to make seeing the 'red wine' better for the picture taking, that is.
I got myself 3/4 bottle of enzyme at the end of the sieving process. Oh, I was told that after the fermenting the pulp left behind, they can be pureed and added into jellies, yoghurt or you can just eat it plain. Ermmm...I didn't like what was left behind. To me, it looks a bit gooey. I think I'm happy with just the liquid part. Now, to consume the enzyme instructions says it is one part enzyme to 10 parts water. Each consumption should be around 30 ml. I've consumed four portions of it to date. I'm still here (not dead or otherwise, just joking) and doing fine. There is a slight alchohol content inside judging from the smell/fragrance. I have a friend who took it 'neat' the whole 30 mls and then thought this to herself...anti-aging and high in anti-oxidant. Okay, she couldn't resist and took another gulp of 30 mls. She felt a bit tipsy and her face and ears turned red. So, I(we) think alcohol is present after the fermenting process. Of course, I didn't ask her which properties of the enzyme prompted her to take 30 mls plus 30 mls at once...I just made a mental guess. Me? I've consumed it four times already. Okay, okay, your guess is as good as mine...ahaaahaaa. Enjoy if you have already made yours because I am. It tastes just like some sweet cordial with a little alcohol in it. :o)


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

Glorious colour! Just wondering how you are feeling. Any different? The only comparison I can think of is that cider vinegar (from apples) is good for so many things, health and "beauty"-wise. Good job the lizard visited before you started this, as you may have thought it an hallucination! All the best.

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi, Ermmm...think it is still too soon, no? Yeps, the colour is gloriously red. I think this is some form of vinegar. Believe it or not, it is now being made commercially made n bottled like wine! Good to hear from you. How r you n T? Best regards.