Monday, May 25, 2009

Bird flew the nest...

A blink of the eye and it is time for little bird to fly... the nest that is. Oh...Big Bird now. Didn't it seemed like just yesterday when you had to nurse pudgy fingers because it was bitten by an ant. Hearing loud wailings just because of a sting? I guess like all parents, this is a time we face with mixed feelings. It does not matter whether it is an overseas travel or local. The parting will still be there, no? Right, parting was hard for me even though I know the distance is near. Tears and more tears when it came to that. Then it is back to the nest. A 'new found' freedom with an empty nest!
My first task was to get over the emptiness in the house. Door to big bird's room was closed. Oh...I couldn't bear the sight of the empty room. Forget about the mess inside. Next, when I thought I've missed enough (or have I?) I decided to clear the mess out. I found items that went missing in the house. My packet of assam boi (sour plum), my programme CDs, my favourite pen, etc. Oh...and mugs with moulds in them. Wow, big bird did leave quite a handsome collection of treasures to be found. Room cleared. Now it is back to life trying to make it as normal as possible. The one thing I can't help feeling is...the emptiness . Yeps, I've joined the Empty Nest Syndrome Club. :o(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stop the usage of dogs as live bait for sharks...

How my heart weeps when I read this email. It is so gruesome. There are some who claims that this isn't as what is reported. Please read and also watch the video to find out.
QUOTE: Innocent dogs (LIVE!) Are used as bait to catch sharks, and are dragged behind the boats. Defend the rights of animals and help us putting the word "end" to this inhumane practice on the island of Reunion. We will ask the French Government to ensure that this never happens again. Here you can watch the video that shows the poor dog rescued: US!INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!EVERYBODY HAVE TO KNOW HOW A LOT OF DOGS ARE KILLED EVERY YEAR!
Stop Using Live Dogs as Shark Bait -- Petitions and Group Greeting Cards created by the Experience P
Source: http://www.experienceprojec/...

Innocent stray dogs are being skewered alive and being dragged behind boats as shark bait. Help us sign a letter to the French government to ask for an end to this inhumane practice in Reunion Island (French-controlled). ...
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its great you joined this group but lets do the really important thing, and SIGN THE PETITION PLEASE!!! thats the only thing that will get your opinion heard and or noticed. We are the only voice and defense these animals have, we need to do our part! PLEASE for the animals sake tell your friends/family and co-workers to sign this petition.Lets be able to say we have done . UNQUOTE

Monday, May 18, 2009

It is beautifuuuul...!

My air plants bloom again!!! Oh, it is sooo beautiful. The colour pink!

After ten plus years, it decided to. My, I've forgotten that this plant has flowers! I was given one actually. Didn't take much care of it so it sort of died. I decided to tie it to my bougainvillea plant and it grew an extra plant. I have been spraying my garbage enzyme (diluted of course) and it bloomed...after all these years.
Is this a Bromeliad Meridionalis? To be honest, I know very little about air plants. Anyone? :o)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Should it be clear or...???

Phew...its ready! After 3 months' wait, the garbage enzyme is ready. Yippeee...
Getting ready to sieve. Over a piece of cloth, that's the way I was told it should be done.
Must admit it looks a bit yukky and I was sure the job isn't going to be pleasant. The smell? Some friends told me it stinks real bad. Well, what do I think? As I pour the liquid into the cloth, I thought it smells a bit orangey and not that bad a smell.

Eeewww... how come noone mentioned that the job is going to be messy. It got too messy for me to take the camera for more shots. The mixture at the botoom of the container is rather gooey.
It took me a while to finish with the sieving and clearing up the mess.
Here you go...the end product all in the bottles. The one thing is, should it be clear or murky like mine here??? Some of my friends have theirs' come out clear but some...just like mine.
The pulp that is left behind after the sieving. It can be used as fertiliser but it should first be dried. Oh...I didn't know it has to be dried. Here, you can see in the picture. Right, I was too eager to use it and threw them straight into the flower bed!
To test and see if this garbage enzyme of mine is a okay, I used it. works! This little area next to the drain was washed quite clean.

Worth the 3 months' wait...? YES, definitely. You have to use it to realise what you've been missing.:o)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neighbourhood Strays...

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi
We take our walk in the evenings around the neighbourhood. We have dogs following us as well. 2 of our own and the other few...strays. Ebon(y) here in the picture is following hubby who is holding their food supply for the night.
This is Dogg. I am quite sure he was once 'owned'. He listens to instructions well. We feed them almost every evening when we are in town. These furries, they are such clever living ones. Dogg will come running very fast even before we reached the park and Ebon will appear out of nowhere.
Here is Chocolate. He is very timid and either runs away or goes under the car when you approach him with food.
This is another stray and I call him King. He just appeared one day and judging from his condition, I think he too was abandoned. He doesn't look emaciated or anything like that. We live near a park and I can't help but think that King is abandoned by his owner. There is also another female(Honey) who too looks like she had an owner before. Altogether, I now have 2 females (both looked like they just have litters of puppies) and 3 males near the park.

Picture of Ebon with a piece of something in his mouth. That something isn't a piece of bread or anything edible. He actually 'won' it after snarling and growling with King. I too thought it was a piece of bread but it isn't. It is actually a piece of hard rubber/foam. Something akin to what you find in a mattress. Sad.
Here is Dogg with our dog. (Our dog was brought home from the construction site nearby. Her mother was being fed daily by the workers living in the quarters on the site. A few days after we took her home, we were informed by a neighbour that Council workers were shooting strays near the site. Sad to say, her mother was one of the many strays shot dead. The site workers couldn't do anything to stop the Council workers.)

How do we go about educating citizens about dogs and their right to live? A reasonable life that is. Abandoning them is wrong and inhumane? Animals don't do birth control. They just breed and multiply. Why not have them neutered or spayed? I am counting the number of dogs that keep appearing at/near the park with a big question HOW TO...???

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Mercy, can any sane human do this? Please click here
for the full story. When you say your prayers, say one for these voiceless four legged ones. Pray they hang on in there till help arrive.