Sunday, May 17, 2009

Should it be clear or...???

Phew...its ready! After 3 months' wait, the garbage enzyme is ready. Yippeee...
Getting ready to sieve. Over a piece of cloth, that's the way I was told it should be done.
Must admit it looks a bit yukky and I was sure the job isn't going to be pleasant. The smell? Some friends told me it stinks real bad. Well, what do I think? As I pour the liquid into the cloth, I thought it smells a bit orangey and not that bad a smell.

Eeewww... how come noone mentioned that the job is going to be messy. It got too messy for me to take the camera for more shots. The mixture at the botoom of the container is rather gooey.
It took me a while to finish with the sieving and clearing up the mess.
Here you go...the end product all in the bottles. The one thing is, should it be clear or murky like mine here??? Some of my friends have theirs' come out clear but some...just like mine.
The pulp that is left behind after the sieving. It can be used as fertiliser but it should first be dried. Oh...I didn't know it has to be dried. Here, you can see in the picture. Right, I was too eager to use it and threw them straight into the flower bed!
To test and see if this garbage enzyme of mine is a okay, I used it. works! This little area next to the drain was washed quite clean.

Worth the 3 months' wait...? YES, definitely. You have to use it to realise what you've been missing.:o)

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