Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stop the usage of dogs as live bait for sharks...

How my heart weeps when I read this email. It is so gruesome. There are some who claims that this isn't as what is reported. Please read and also watch the video to find out.
QUOTE: Innocent dogs (LIVE!) Are used as bait to catch sharks, and are dragged behind the boats. Defend the rights of animals and help us putting the word "end" to this inhumane practice on the island of Reunion. We will ask the French Government to ensure that this never happens again. Here you can watch the video that shows the poor dog rescued: US!INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!EVERYBODY HAVE TO KNOW HOW A LOT OF DOGS ARE KILLED EVERY YEAR!
Stop Using Live Dogs as Shark Bait -- Petitions and Group Greeting Cards created by the Experience P
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Innocent stray dogs are being skewered alive and being dragged behind boats as shark bait. Help us sign a letter to the French government to ask for an end to this inhumane practice in Reunion Island (French-controlled). ...
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its great you joined this group but lets do the really important thing, and SIGN THE PETITION PLEASE!!! thats the only thing that will get your opinion heard and or noticed. We are the only voice and defense these animals have, we need to do our part! PLEASE for the animals sake tell your friends/family and co-workers to sign this petition.Lets be able to say we have done . UNQUOTE


Allison said...

i c another dog lover.. yay! if the email is true, it's so sad. cant agree better on this :

Dogs are born knowing how to:
Live simply.
Love generously.
Care deeply.
Speak kindly. said...

Yay alright. Happy when we meet another one, eh? I am.