Friday, June 26, 2009


Red Garden is an open-air hawker centre. I don't know how many stalls there are here. All I know is there are many. From our local Char Koay Teow to Siamese Food. There is even a stall selling sushi and California rolls. The night I was there with hubby, it was the people dancing that interest me. Oh yah, also the singing.
A singer up on the stage singing English songs. Songs by Engelbert Humperdinck, Lobo, etc. As the songs were sung, you see couples slowly making their way to the 'dance floor'. Yes, couples dancing right there. I can't help but think oh, how times have changed. Back then I remember my mother and father getting dressed to go dancing. They go to the Latin Quarters and Chusan. Places where it isn't so brightly lit and so public. Here, I see couples dancing away practicing their dance steps and having so much fun. It really is awesome watching them dancing and twirling. Most I think are in their retirement age. Isn't it wonderful to pass time this way? Dancing, singing to the tune and all done in an inexpensive way.
I think the picture says it all here. I sat there with hubby for a good 2 hours or so. Enjoying myself and when the lady came on stage singing Chinese hits by Teresa Teng I went oooh...yes, I grew up listening to songs by her. They were my late father's favorite. It was a very nice evening just sitting listening and watching the dances enjoying themselves. Hubby calls me a geriatric when I started to hum along to the music. I can't understand half of the Chinese songs but so what...I am enjoying myself was what I told him. Oh...when the English oldies came up, it was time for me to call him a geriatric. I am thinking of going for ball room dancing classes now. :o)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Messed up cinnamon rolls..........

I went hunting for cinnamon rolls 3 nights ago. Darn, where are they when you have this craving that you just needed to have just one! I couldn't find them the next day either. Oh...! Okay, I know where to get them was the reply a friend gave me when I spoke to her. Oh yes, she did arrive at my door to hand me a little bag with 2 rolls. I was elated but wasn't so when I saw the rolls. These aren't cinnamon rolls. These are Chelsea buns. Most of us don't realise that these two are different until we have tasted them.
Never mind, I'll try to make the cinnamon rolls myself. The pictures will show that I actually set to making them. I didn't know how to roll the dough. Even making a rectangular shape was hard.
Here in the picture. I know it didn't look good. Big and clumsy looking. I even rolled it wrongly. It should be rolled up lengthwise.
Pan coated with caramel. This was done neatly.
Dough sprinkled, rolled and cut. Notice anything wrong? I didn't and I thought it was all done so neatly and all fitted snugly into the cake tin. A rectangle tin would be good but I didn't have one big enough. It was then covered with a damp cloth. Okay, wait for 1 1/2 to 2 hours was what the instructions said. Halfway through I took a peek and wah lau eh...(omigosh), the tin is overflowing. I couldn't do anything because the dough shouldn't be touched. WHERE HAS MY GRAY MATTER GONE? Bread dough always doubles (unless something is wrong) in size. They rise and 'bloat'., oh my...I forgot totally. Okay, this is the first time I'm making bread rolls but then, I make the bread we eat almost weekly. Brains! Brains!
In the oven ready for baking. Notice how untidy everything is? The ill-fitted rolls. The centre ones suffered the most suffocation. They are all beneath the ones at the sides.
It is done! I turned it out and upside down on a plate since it had caramel at the bottom. Mamma mia...the aroma is great. The cinnamon rolls? It is soft delicious. Finally cravings satisfied. Nevermind how the rolls looked, the taste was good! The malfunctioned brain wasn't so bad after all.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take note when you park your car...

Certain streets in Penang have had their parking meters' time changed from 9pm - 12 am. How many of you still park your cars and pay until 9pm thinking that the traffic wardens don't work after 9pm?
These are pictures taken of cars with summonses stuck on their windscreens. They are parked on Muntri Street and it was after 9pm when I took the pictures. Please note that you have to top up your meters even after 9pm. I mean if you still intend to use the parking lot. The traffic wardens are very hard working around this area. Along Muntri Street, Leith Steet, etc. Around that area, that is. If you are not from Penang, Muntri Street is the road opposite Cititel which is situated along Upper Penang Road.

Lebuh Muntri or Muntri Street. Please take note and remember. :o)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Someone stole my eggs...!!!

What a pleasant surprise, Big Bird called. Okay, it isn't like I have not spoken to this 'little' bird of mine since dropping him off at the dormitory. You bet I have. Initially, it was something like 6 calls a day. Then it dwindled to maybe 4 (or was it 5?) then...three, every alternate day, then... Ermmm...after a few calls, I can't help but have this inkling that Big Bird thinks I do nothing but yabba...yabba... was I? Am I?
Now back to the phone call. Oh, Big Bird, how are you? How's studies...yabba... I stopped. I could feel that Big Bird was upset over something. Okay, what is wrong? All I know next was this shouted out...Mom, somebody stole my eggs!!! Huh, eggs, what eggs? My eggs! Eggs! Eggs, which we have for breakfast! That's how upset Big Bird was. It was a whole tray of eggs that got stolen. My...the thief must be sooo hungry. We decided to analyze the situation in the dormitory. After that, we think it couldn't have been the other birds. They have their own eggs in the fridge. The funny thing is it was only Big Bird's that went missing and a whole tray. 10 eggs! (as in the picture) There was nothing that could be done except to let the person-in-charge of the dormitory know. The person in charge was as surprised as Big Bird and me. Poor Big Bird, lamenting that now there'll be no eggs for breakfast for maybe one or two days. It is a distance to walk to the convenience store. It was no big deal after talking about the incident. Just something Big Bird didn't expect will happen. Things are different outside home. Hmmm...That was the pleasant surprise I got. Now, I'm going to wait and see if any more pleasant surprises come my way. Of course, it has to be something as amusing as stolen eggs! :o)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DO THIS IN THE TOILET...!!! Understand?

I can't remember how many times I have walked into a public toilet and greeted by sights like this. What sight? Let's put the slight smell aside. The bidet spray is what I'm talking about. Gracious... another bidet spray without the nozzle/spray head. If this is not irritating enough, it is found on the floor. Look closely at the picture, there is a holder mounted on the wall for the bidet spray. I know it could be held by the wall hook/holder so I put it back there.

Take a look at the picture. It fits snugly. NOW, this is where the bidet spray should be after use.
I decided to linger for a while in the toilet. It wasn't for kicks and giggles nor was it because I enjoyed being there. It is to show the mentality of the people who make use of public amenities like this toilet for example.
A lady (it has to be a female simply because this is a toilet for females) walked in. Did what she had to and when she walked out...SEE, do you get what I mean?!!! The bidet spray is on the floor. This is the same cubicle I used and I hung the bidet spray ON THE HOLDER!!!
This is the next cubicle. Okay, there is no holder here. Judging by the mark on the wall, yupz, there was one before.
I hung the hose over the pipe beside. Atleast this way, it is cleaner than to let it be on the floor. Right? After this 'kay pohness' (busy body attitude) of mine, I went off and did whatever shopping I had to do. After a few hours, I decided to pay the toilet a visit again.
Aaarghhh...need I say more? I think my camera too has had enough. My batteries ran out.
In case you are wondering why I'm making such a big fuss over this bidet spray and where it should be.
The reason is, some women allow their children to pee on the floor. (Please hose the floor after that pee!) Of course, being a mother I would understand that some young children are terrified seeing a squat toilet so they'd rather pee on the floor. Also, some boys (very young ones) follow mommy into the toilet and they use the toilet too. So...there will always (this I'm quite sure) be urine on the floor.
PLEASE, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, etc...try not to throw or just leave the bidet spray on the ground? I don't think you would just leave the bidet spray in your own home on the ground, would you? Do it for the sake of HYGIENE if not for the consideration of the next person using the toilet after you. Thank You. :o(