Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DO THIS IN THE TOILET...!!! Understand?

I can't remember how many times I have walked into a public toilet and greeted by sights like this. What sight? Let's put the slight smell aside. The bidet spray is what I'm talking about. Gracious... another bidet spray without the nozzle/spray head. If this is not irritating enough, it is found on the floor. Look closely at the picture, there is a holder mounted on the wall for the bidet spray. I know it could be held by the wall hook/holder so I put it back there.

Take a look at the picture. It fits snugly. NOW, this is where the bidet spray should be after use.
I decided to linger for a while in the toilet. It wasn't for kicks and giggles nor was it because I enjoyed being there. It is to show the mentality of the people who make use of public amenities like this toilet for example.
A lady (it has to be a female simply because this is a toilet for females) walked in. Did what she had to and when she walked out...SEE, do you get what I mean?!!! The bidet spray is on the floor. This is the same cubicle I used and I hung the bidet spray ON THE HOLDER!!!
This is the next cubicle. Okay, there is no holder here. Judging by the mark on the wall, yupz, there was one before.
I hung the hose over the pipe beside. Atleast this way, it is cleaner than to let it be on the floor. Right? After this 'kay pohness' (busy body attitude) of mine, I went off and did whatever shopping I had to do. After a few hours, I decided to pay the toilet a visit again.
Aaarghhh...need I say more? I think my camera too has had enough. My batteries ran out.
In case you are wondering why I'm making such a big fuss over this bidet spray and where it should be.
The reason is, some women allow their children to pee on the floor. (Please hose the floor after that pee!) Of course, being a mother I would understand that some young children are terrified seeing a squat toilet so they'd rather pee on the floor. Also, some boys (very young ones) follow mommy into the toilet and they use the toilet too. So...there will always (this I'm quite sure) be urine on the floor.
PLEASE, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, etc...try not to throw or just leave the bidet spray on the ground? I don't think you would just leave the bidet spray in your own home on the ground, would you? Do it for the sake of HYGIENE if not for the consideration of the next person using the toilet after you. Thank You. :o(


Sophia Lee said...

I think most people use their feet to move the hose instead of their hands...but that toilet seems clean! said...

Hi,TQ 4 dropping by. How does one use the bidet spray then? Yes, this particular toilet seems clean alright. The cleaner just cleaned and hung the hose as what I did. Can u imagine how fast it went back on the floor?

Sophia Lee said...

Well, since it was on the I suppose they just kick it to the 'hole' and use it...
I don't understand why those people actually un-hung it and don't hang it back, they might as well don't use the hose at all said...

It is the mentality of the people I'm talking about here. It doesn't belong to them so why bother? It shouldn't be so,really. BTW, u would need to use your hand to hold the spray!

chengyee said...

unfortunately, some people can't think properly =/ if things like these happen in the ladies' toilets, i dread thinking how it's like in the men's toilets. gee... said...

Hmmm...ChengYee, do u think I should sneak into the gents one day and find out, eh?!

Gula Kapas said...

Monkey see, monkey do.

But some how, the monkeys aren't doing what they see.

At my rumah sewa, we have this getah paip as a hose. I always 'tie' the hose to the tap since it can't be hung. That's what i always do before exiting the little room.

Sadly, my housemates aren't taking after me. Sometimes they tie the hose, sometimes they leave it laying on the floor. It's a squat bowl by the way. The end is sometimes sticking into the toilet bowl, almost touching the surface! Otherwise almost taking a dip in the water!

Eeew! i don't know what's wrong with them. I bet they know how yucky it feels, picking a hose off the toilet floor, but they still do it. Don't they get the message? They're in their 20's, their brains have evolved enough to be used for thinking.

That's why sometimes i snort in anger as i enter the toilet >:( said...

Hi GulaKapas,
Kinda like your pseudonym. What more can I say about people's mentality towards prob? If I am not so irked by it I don't think I'd take the trouble to post it here. Shall you and me wish them some infections of sorts? heeeheee