Thursday, June 18, 2009

Messed up cinnamon rolls..........

I went hunting for cinnamon rolls 3 nights ago. Darn, where are they when you have this craving that you just needed to have just one! I couldn't find them the next day either. Oh...! Okay, I know where to get them was the reply a friend gave me when I spoke to her. Oh yes, she did arrive at my door to hand me a little bag with 2 rolls. I was elated but wasn't so when I saw the rolls. These aren't cinnamon rolls. These are Chelsea buns. Most of us don't realise that these two are different until we have tasted them.
Never mind, I'll try to make the cinnamon rolls myself. The pictures will show that I actually set to making them. I didn't know how to roll the dough. Even making a rectangular shape was hard.
Here in the picture. I know it didn't look good. Big and clumsy looking. I even rolled it wrongly. It should be rolled up lengthwise.
Pan coated with caramel. This was done neatly.
Dough sprinkled, rolled and cut. Notice anything wrong? I didn't and I thought it was all done so neatly and all fitted snugly into the cake tin. A rectangle tin would be good but I didn't have one big enough. It was then covered with a damp cloth. Okay, wait for 1 1/2 to 2 hours was what the instructions said. Halfway through I took a peek and wah lau eh...(omigosh), the tin is overflowing. I couldn't do anything because the dough shouldn't be touched. WHERE HAS MY GRAY MATTER GONE? Bread dough always doubles (unless something is wrong) in size. They rise and 'bloat'., oh my...I forgot totally. Okay, this is the first time I'm making bread rolls but then, I make the bread we eat almost weekly. Brains! Brains!
In the oven ready for baking. Notice how untidy everything is? The ill-fitted rolls. The centre ones suffered the most suffocation. They are all beneath the ones at the sides.
It is done! I turned it out and upside down on a plate since it had caramel at the bottom. Mamma mia...the aroma is great. The cinnamon rolls? It is soft delicious. Finally cravings satisfied. Nevermind how the rolls looked, the taste was good! The malfunctioned brain wasn't so bad after all.



Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

Hello there! In reply to your note, yes we're fine but working to a tight schedule house-wise and little time for other things. Your last post is very good. I like other people's cooking traumas - a bit mean but it makes me feel better about my own! Cinnamon rolls sound very nice and size and shape doesn't matter at all. Have to go. Long list on paper and a longer one in my head! All the best. Is this your winter now? Must be, I guess. No Stonehenge for us but midsummer does have a special quality. said...

Hi K, sorry I overlooked this. Hmmm..not to worry you are not mean. Think that is just a natural reaction, no? For me, it wasn't a nice time struggling with the dough but we learn...right? Best Wishes.