Friday, June 26, 2009


Red Garden is an open-air hawker centre. I don't know how many stalls there are here. All I know is there are many. From our local Char Koay Teow to Siamese Food. There is even a stall selling sushi and California rolls. The night I was there with hubby, it was the people dancing that interest me. Oh yah, also the singing.
A singer up on the stage singing English songs. Songs by Engelbert Humperdinck, Lobo, etc. As the songs were sung, you see couples slowly making their way to the 'dance floor'. Yes, couples dancing right there. I can't help but think oh, how times have changed. Back then I remember my mother and father getting dressed to go dancing. They go to the Latin Quarters and Chusan. Places where it isn't so brightly lit and so public. Here, I see couples dancing away practicing their dance steps and having so much fun. It really is awesome watching them dancing and twirling. Most I think are in their retirement age. Isn't it wonderful to pass time this way? Dancing, singing to the tune and all done in an inexpensive way.
I think the picture says it all here. I sat there with hubby for a good 2 hours or so. Enjoying myself and when the lady came on stage singing Chinese hits by Teresa Teng I went oooh...yes, I grew up listening to songs by her. They were my late father's favorite. It was a very nice evening just sitting listening and watching the dances enjoying themselves. Hubby calls me a geriatric when I started to hum along to the music. I can't understand half of the Chinese songs but so what...I am enjoying myself was what I told him. Oh...when the English oldies came up, it was time for me to call him a geriatric. I am thinking of going for ball room dancing classes now. :o)

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