Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take note when you park your car...

Certain streets in Penang have had their parking meters' time changed from 9pm - 12 am. How many of you still park your cars and pay until 9pm thinking that the traffic wardens don't work after 9pm?
These are pictures taken of cars with summonses stuck on their windscreens. They are parked on Muntri Street and it was after 9pm when I took the pictures. Please note that you have to top up your meters even after 9pm. I mean if you still intend to use the parking lot. The traffic wardens are very hard working around this area. Along Muntri Street, Leith Steet, etc. Around that area, that is. If you are not from Penang, Muntri Street is the road opposite Cititel which is situated along Upper Penang Road.

Lebuh Muntri or Muntri Street. Please take note and remember. :o)

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