Friday, June 5, 2009

Someone stole my eggs...!!!

What a pleasant surprise, Big Bird called. Okay, it isn't like I have not spoken to this 'little' bird of mine since dropping him off at the dormitory. You bet I have. Initially, it was something like 6 calls a day. Then it dwindled to maybe 4 (or was it 5?) then...three, every alternate day, then... Ermmm...after a few calls, I can't help but have this inkling that Big Bird thinks I do nothing but yabba...yabba... was I? Am I?
Now back to the phone call. Oh, Big Bird, how are you? How's studies...yabba... I stopped. I could feel that Big Bird was upset over something. Okay, what is wrong? All I know next was this shouted out...Mom, somebody stole my eggs!!! Huh, eggs, what eggs? My eggs! Eggs! Eggs, which we have for breakfast! That's how upset Big Bird was. It was a whole tray of eggs that got stolen. My...the thief must be sooo hungry. We decided to analyze the situation in the dormitory. After that, we think it couldn't have been the other birds. They have their own eggs in the fridge. The funny thing is it was only Big Bird's that went missing and a whole tray. 10 eggs! (as in the picture) There was nothing that could be done except to let the person-in-charge of the dormitory know. The person in charge was as surprised as Big Bird and me. Poor Big Bird, lamenting that now there'll be no eggs for breakfast for maybe one or two days. It is a distance to walk to the convenience store. It was no big deal after talking about the incident. Just something Big Bird didn't expect will happen. Things are different outside home. Hmmm...That was the pleasant surprise I got. Now, I'm going to wait and see if any more pleasant surprises come my way. Of course, it has to be something as amusing as stolen eggs! :o)


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

There, you see, you're still indispensible! Hard lessons to learn in that phase of early adulthood. Reminds me of a time some years ago when one of T's boys was playing first gig in a local pub in a band with friends; something went wrong with the amp and a call went out from a band member (in front of friends) -"Dad ..... can you fix our amp?". Up jumps Dad, full of pride at being needed - very funny. All the best. said...

Aren't we handymen/women? I think I like T's boys. Their 'request' for help, that is. Indispensible? Are we really? Maybe for now. No? All the best to you too.