Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Choo choom ber...!!! ???

Now tell me what do you see in the picture? To me and for many of you it will be a cucumber. (Picture is that of a Japanese cucumber.) Right and it will be so right to pronounce it as cucumber (kew kum ber). I'm spelling it out as how one would pronounce it. Our Education Ministry has decided to have our Math and Science subjects taught in our National Language again! How many times has it been changed from English to Malay to English and back to Malay? I can't remember. I worry little now because my child is already in University but...maybe later.
My friends however are lamenting and lamenting. First they have to get tuition in English and with the recent decision; it will be hunting time for Malay tuition. For those who are in the SK school, they should be alright. Those who are in the SJK schools, oh dear! As it is, their English is already suffering. Of course, there are many who has impeccable English because they speak English at home. We were on this subject when this cucumber subject came up. One lady told me how she almost fainted when her son who is in Form One asked her why she came home from the market with so many choo choom ber! Okay, lady told me that she doesn't speak English very well but she knows that it isn't pronounced that way. She chided her son and got the reply that the pronunciation was from his teacher!!! Oh goodness gracious! What is happening in school? I would like to think that it was being pronounced according to the way we learn our Malay. Right? Tell me how do you pronounce 'cuci' in Malay? Choo chee, no? 'Cari' is pronounced char ri, no? So...cucumber has become choo choom ber. Another something to haaahaaa heeeheee about here. I remember once I was teaching my nephew spelling and I gave him this word to spell. Charcoal. How did he spell it? Carkol! See if you can tell me more. Welcome to the learning of the English Language the Malaysian way. Can you imagine how Science and Math terms will be taught in Malay? :o)
**Post is put here just for some kicks and giggles. It isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings nor is it meant to be offensive.


Independent Queen said...

dont worry.. after 5 years they will change back to english again =). That is the beauty of our Ministry of education. Who ever survived with their format, will survive globally. Haha. said...

You can't be more right. Come to think of it, is it a wonder/mystery why our National carrier is called MAS? hehe