Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I did it again...Aarghhh!

I set out to make tuna rolls. It isn't the bread dough kind but the one using short crust pastry.
All ingredients in the food processor. Wahla...all set and I turned the machine on. Recipe says to process till the mixture look like bread crumbs. That sounds so simple. I used to use my fingers and slowly rub the margarine till they look like bread crumbs. No sweat it is simple. Everything was done in a jiffy with the food processor. Believe it or not, I didn't realize anything was wrong till I handled the dough. I think my brain was working on reserve power. I was up till 4am watching Michael Jackson's memorial live. Yes, over on our side it ended almost near 4 am!
The dough was in the fridge chilling when I had the tuna prepared. [I don't even have pictures of the dough to show! Where was I?] It was only when I took the dough out of the fridge and put it out for rolling did I realized something was wrong. Oh, my brain worked at that moment because I just had my cuppa, coffee that is. Instead of pastry margarine I put in butter. BIG MISTAKE! Did I throw the whole lot of pastry away? No I did not. It is wastage and that is something I don't practice. I did the most I could and had everything in the tray for baking. It couldn't be rolled. It was too soft. I did whatever I could to come out with the rolls I started out to make. The pastry turned out crumbly but it was soft and delicious. Well, I did manage to come out with something. Hubby came home just as I finished baking. The aroma that drifted from the kitchen was great. Hubby asked what was I baking this time? What did I tell him? CRUMBLY Tuna Rolls. heeeheee...:o)

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