Friday, July 3, 2009

They are Murderers...!!

I was out in the garden clearing up some twigs and leaves the wind had blown down. I thought I saw some thing dart across the ground from the corner of my eyes. I took a look and EEwww...a monitor lizard. A baby one. Remember I had a post earlier about a monstrous one? This is nothing compared to the Monster but it still gives me goose bumps. The only thing I wanted to do was to make sure it doesn't go into the house. I ran from one door to the other and made sure they are closed tight. I took a peek just to make sure that the two furries are not looking for the lizard. Hmmm...Okay, they are already snoozing in the sun. I took a walk outside with a stick and being wary of a surprise appearance by the lizard. Coast clear and I can't help thinking that it must have escaped through the drain.
I got a big shock when I went to the back of the house in the evening. Aargh....Aargh... I can't stop my screaming. The lizard is here. It is here and it is dead! Murdered..Ohhh.. I don't fancy or like these kinds of lizards in the house but I don't jolly like them to be dead. Murdered that is.
Okay, I know these pictures will give you goose bumps because I still get them as I type here. The one thing is if I don't have the pictures here then you wouldn't know that my two gentle, always with tails wagging furries are capable of murder! How the 'victim' died. I know it is just a lizard but it is still murder, no? May you RIP Mister or (whatever) Lizard. :o(


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

Oh no! Another one! It is awful having to deal with dead things but for me it's easier than when they are nearly dead as then you feel obliged to try your best. Clarice the cat does not seem interested in the garden birds at all, I'm pleased to say. She's too busy relaxing! Your dogs look lovely and yes, it hard to imagine them doing anything like that. Did they seem more excitable afterwards or did they just feign innocence? said...

Hi K, U r alright? Erm, hubby was the one who cleared the dead mess. Aren't u lucky that Clarice doesn't seem to be interested in the garden birds? Ours I think if they can get their paws on the birds they would. Looks can be pretty deceiving in this case, no? Oh, them? They feigned innocence and was very good at it too. Nothing happened where they are concerned. They sort of disappeared when I was screaming away... Urghhh....!

BullShitter said...