Saturday, August 1, 2009

...And BB couldn't wake up!

Hi Mom. Yes, a phone call from Big Bird. How pleasantly surprised I was. After the pleasantries Big Bird asked this, "Mom, is it alright if I come home for a few days?" "Oh my, Big Bird, what a question? Of course, of course, Yes, you may." Hmmm...3 months away from home and Big Bird has suddenly become so courteous. Oh, BB explained that it was a short notice and also it is with knowledge that it is now a busy period at the office for both parents. That phone call was made some 4 days ago. Boy, was I excited, yes a little or is it just a little? I set about making plans for the weekend visit. Daddy is supposed to be at the bus station to pick him up. The rest of the day will be daddy's plans unless of course BB has something else planned. Me...I set about doing my own stuff. The first thing I did was bake. Oh bake I did. 2 Chocolate Moist cakes. Why two? One for daddy to eat immediately when he gets home. He can't wait. The other packed and chilled in the fridge for BB. Friday! Yes, BB will be reaching around lunch time. I reminded daddy. A little while after daddy left for the office I got this phone call. It's BB! "Where are you?" "MOM, I'M STILL HERE! I missed the bus." Oh...What? Hmmm....Now what can I say or what shall I say? BB said the alarm didn't ring. BB said BB didn't sleep the whole night because of the worry of over sleeping. Well sleep or not, the bus left and BB is still in the dormitory. It's alright BB. Yes, mommy is disappointed but... Now, change of plans. Restaurant booking has to be cancelled. Geez teenagers. What is it that they don't do? Besides forgetting to get up and missing the bus? Teenagers of today....?!!
This is the Chocolate Moist I baked. We now have 2 of it and it has been Chocolate moist for breakfast, tea and maybe supper tonight.
Oh BB if you happened to come by this blog...Happy Happy Birthday to you. Not to worry much. Dad and me, we both had a good laugh. It is just soooo typical of you. Love you lots and lots.... Mom and Dad. :o)


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

I would love a piece of that gorgeous-looking cake! The photo will make your BB's mouth water! said...

Hi K, TQ, wish you were staying just next door then I could share the cake wif you. A bit sad BB missed the bus. Best regards. :o)