Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why...did you abandon your dog?

A dog ABANDONED? Meet Brownie a lovable dog with a soft coat of fur. I call him Brownie (what other name, right?). Is Brownie lost because he couldn't find his home.  He is abandoned or accidentally left behind by his owner/s or deliberately left behind!  It's been three weeks now since I met this handsome dog. Take a look at him, he isn't that handsome anymore. He has become quite skinny and his eyes look sad and he isn't wagging his tail as spontaneously as before.
This is the spot that Brownie sits at the beginning of his 'lost' days and when he is tired you'll find him sleeping. He is like an acrobat because he can jump over walls and into houses. Right now he has whipped/cane marks on his body because humans find his acrobatic feats irritating. He climbed over the wall of one of the houses and ate the food.  Food meant ONLY for their pets.  This was what the owner told me when I asked why Brownie was beaten.
Food is packed for Brownie when I go and feed the other strays. Take a look at these pictures. See how hungry he is? How he devoured and polished the container clean? How not to be hungry when you are always being chased not only by the other dogs but also by humans. It isn't just hunger alone that he is enduring but sadness. What humans will abandon their dog and let them fend for themselves?
Being a house dog, these dogs once abandoned will definitely not live long. Brownie is beginning to lose pounds and I think it isn't because of lack of food but more because of Love and pining for his owner. When you see him sitting at the park in that little corner and staring into blank space, you can only derive this.....He is waiting and hoping to see his owner. Come on, have a heart.....take him back/home. At this point of my writing, I'm still hoping that Brownie is lost and not ABANDONED!!! Do you (if you are reading this post) know of anyone who used to own a dog like Brownie? Is the dog still around? If not, can you ask if they have lost their dog? Brownie wears a blue collar and he is (still is) at the park near Casa Permai, Tanjung Bungah, Penang. TQ. :o(
*** I took Brownie home and have placed him with a fellow independent dog rescuer. I did it after I saw the construction workers beating him.  He ran and ended up being bitten by the dogs nearby (not the strays I feed) and landed in the drain.  I couldn't leave him on the streets and watched him lose being beaten by construction workers, bitten and chased by other dogs. He is a house-dog so his survival rate is low.  He will stay with this person till we locate his owner. I am praying that Brownie's owner come forward and take him back.  This friend has 10 over dogs to care for.

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