Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Local fruit....it is not a durian, it is not a rambutan. What is this....do you know???

Persimmons from Penang, Malaysia?!!! YES. I bought this from a vendor in Pulau Betong. I was intrigued by this fruit I saw at the stall. I am being very honest (should I be embarassed?) that this is one fruit I have never seen before. I asked the vendor what fruit is this? He replied, Ang Kee. Huh? I have never seen such an 'ang kee'. He said it is and grown locally. For non locals, translated 'ang' means red and 'kee' means mole. That is our local dialect for persimmon. This is so interesting. I have never seen such 'ang kee' before. This is one red persimmon. I have to get a few. I have a picture taken of the two persimmons one from China and our local one just for comparison. Our local persimmon is one real huge one, no?

Persimmon from China. Orange in colour.
Cross section of the fruit. The texture is something like sour sop but the taste is sweet. Really sweet like honey.

Take a look at the seed, it is so much bigger than the usual persimmons I buy. I mean those from China. Hmmm....am wondering what this fruit is called in our Bahasa.:o)

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