Friday, August 7, 2009

Beautiful Penang....scenes from the other side of the island

** continuation from ...Away from the hustle and bustle of Penang city
We are out of the orchard and back on the road.
A mosque
A Malay house kampung (village) style.

Closer view of Pulau Kendi

Pulau Betong beach.

Picnickers. Cheap and good form of recreation. Why not in times of the current economic situation?!
Just look at these beautiful sights.

So colourful. Fishing boats and roofs....

Estuary and mangrove swarms.
Inside a fishing village.
Fishes on a line! These are salted fish hanging on the line to dry. I love these 2 pictures.

We were heading for Georgetown when we saw this 'Pasar' (market) and thought we'd stop to have a snoop around. Every stall here are run by Malays and I think this is something like the Pasar Tani.
Picture here shows 'Yong Tou Foo' Malay style.
BBQ Honey Chicken. I find this fun and interesting. I bought a whole chicken home.

Stall selling fruits both local and imported.
Feeling thirsty? Feel free to buy the rainbow coloured drinks on sale here. Oh, they are so colourful.
Beef murtabak. Chicken murtabak. Mutton murtabak. All can be found at this stall.
Putu Piring. A local Malay delicacy that is cottony white. Texture is spongy yet cake like.
Mixture for the making of Putu Piring. Flour, grated coconut and brown sugar inside this pail.
The ever popular Satay! Notice the amount of sticks here?
How Satay is done.
You can either buy corn on the cob or corn in cups. This is how it is done.....steamed. (The lid has been removed for this picture to be taken.)
We decided to head for home after the market stint.
Teluk Bahang Dam.
Sun set at the Teluk Bahang Dam.
That's all. A good 6 hours plus journey to the other side of Penang Island. Weeee that was good!:o)

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Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

The island looks so beautiful. Lots of great photos again. Sweetcorn/maize looks good. They will be picked here very soon. A short season, so something else to make the most of! Available frozen in bags and canned but not the same as "on-the-cob". All the best.