Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yikes....he contracted Dengue Fever but results showed NEGATIVE!!!!!

SATURDAY...[I will relate what happened day by day]
"What is the matter with you?", I asked. Hubby was struggling to come down the stairs. I daren't ask why is he walking like an 80 year old. "All my joints are aching." was his reply. "Huh?" "Do you have a fever?" That started our 'journey'. I checked his temperature and gave a shout. YOU HAVE HIGH FEVER! Looking at this hero of mine hobbling around makes me think that he is really in pain. I have someone I would call a bull when it comes to being sick. He has never whimper in pain or anything like that. "We have to go to the clinic now." I insisted and he followed. Our main worry was the H1N1. The wait at the clinic seemed like forever. The words that hero uttered when he came out of the clinic made my eyes welled up. Doctor said it is worst than H1N1. It could be Chikungunya. I don't know much about this sickness except that it is something linked to Dengue fever. Hero was referred to a local hospital to have a blood test done.
At the hospital hero was seen by a doctor. This was what happened. The doctor thinks that it is still too early to tell by a blood test. The results normally won't show anything wrong. Hero developed the fever only today (Saturday) but felt his joints aching last night when he was getting ready for bed. The thing is hero was bitten by mosquitoes when he visited a plant nursery on Monday last. All these were related to the doctor attending to him. No rashes according to the doctor at the hospital. I tried to point out some rashes on both ears and also on hero's torso but the doctor said it could be due to hero scratching them or the rubbing of the shirt against the skin. No blood test needed. Fine. We'll go home with the paracetamol prescribed. Believe it or not, 50 tablets were prescribed. Back home all we could do was wait and see. That was what the doctor said. If hero feels not so good then he has to go to the hospital and have his blood tested. He took the paracetamol and slept. All I could do to make him comfortable was feed him liquids and wet towels to sponge. With a fever of 103 degrees F (39.8 C) you really don't have any energy or appetite. Liquids and lots of them plus fruits was what hero had. Oh, he did manage to force down sandwiches even though everything tasted so bland. That did him some good, we would like to think now.
Hero told me he felt a little better. His joints are not aching so much. I felt a bit happier after hearing those words. It was only in the late afternoon that I realised pain. It isn't a wonder because the paracetamol not only controls the fever, it controls the pain. By then, it was a bit late to go for a blood test.
Fever was just about 100 degrees. I still think it is good to have a blood test done. Hero went to the same hospital for a blood test. Results? It came out negative. Free from Dengue Fever. Would you believe this? With the H1N1 pandemic, nothing was done to test for this? Okay, hero is free from Dengue Fever/Chikungunya. What puzzles me is he looks very, very red in the face. It was like he is having high blood pressure or something like that. The owner of the restaurant we frequent thought hero went drinking before dropping by for dinner. That comment made me 'push' hero for another blood test. This he did and this time at another hospital. This is it.....POSITIVE. Hero has contracted Dengue Fever.

Here the depressing corridor. Yeps, he got himself admitted on the doctor's advice.
TV to keep you entertained so you won't vegetate too much.

That's hero
checking out the drawer looking for the TV control. He is almost alright by now. Fever has come down to normal and his tastes of food back to normal. Why then get admitted? Well, the platelets count is what the doctor wanted to monitor.
Also, his rashes are another thing. They covered almost his whole body.
The rashes came out in full force. You see everything red. It looked
almost like Rubella.
The reason why I decided to post it is because of the negative results at the very beginning. Sometimes, we can't take results as it is. Just use your own discretion and seek a second opinion if you still feel unwell. My hero was lucky in a way. It was a worrying 10 days plus and I'm glad everything is fine now. If you are reading this post of mine, just remember.....a 2nd opinion is always good.

There this is one tiny insect, it is small but it can really floor you! It is the...... Aedes mosquito! Beware............. :o(

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What an alarming and exhausting time for you both. Bad enough to just be ill as high fever does bring aches and real pains and leaves you with that wiped-out feeling, but to have all the uncertainty makes things worse. Sounds as if you've done everything right if your hero is begining to feel better. The tiredness can linger, don't you agree? Wishing H a full recovery soon and "cheers" with a glass of coconut milk! said...

Hi K,TQ so much. H feeling tired? Hmmm he doesn't seem to be tired after coming out of the hospital. Wud like to think the stint in the 'jail' did him good. He rested much n is away hiking wif his frens as I write here. Yeps, Cheers with a glass of coconut water. It has to be the water not the milk. heeeheee All d best to you and T. :o) said...

Hiking?! My goodness, that's amazing after such a rough time. Maybe feels the need for some fresh air after the hospital. Hope he has some repellant with him. Can't type properly as Clarice is head-butting the keyboard! said...

Ahaaahaaa...I am imagining Clarice and you. What a cat. Anyway, yes H has a bottle of nutmeg oil wif him. That's the repellant we use in this house.Wud like to think that he is getting away from me!!!!(TQ for your concern.) All the best. :o)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Wow! Herp's very lucky :) Thank God hero has u :)