Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you a good kisser????

We had our dinner at Ingolf's tonight. (If you are wondering where, just check it out at my food stops blog. Scroll down the side bar. TQ) As usual, we had the mixed grill and the grilled lamb. Whilst eating I noticed this little cardboard with the sorbets. Ah well, never mind the calories, I just have to try one. We settled for the coconut sorbet. Hmmm.....nothing to shout about. My first spoonful wasn't exactly pleasant because I think the coconut milk used was a bit 'old'. Being a couple who doesn't like wasting food, we finished it all and it wasn't that bad after the first layer.
Now, this is just for some kicks and giggles. Take a look at the picture of the sorbet. See the stalk on the cherry? I was told a very, very long time ago that if you can tie a knot with that little stalk, you are a good kisser. Uh hah......wait!!!! It isn't done with your hands okay? Do it with your tongue and ONLY that and inside your mouth. Where else is the tongue but inside the mouth, right? Try and see if you can do it.
There you go (see the picture) all done and knotted using just the tongue and no cheating!
Have fun if you haven't heard or tried this. Cheers. :o)

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Dylan Phuah said...

fuah~! this is interesting... i want to try this out sometime..