Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Gift you get what you should?

I felt cheated!!! Oh Yes, I do. I was given this plastic microwave container when I went to collect what I was supposed to be given.
Read what is printed on this milk carton? Free! 1 milk mug..... YES, a milk mug free. That was what got me attracted. It wasn't the milk. I already have two cartons of Dutch Lady Milk in my trolley. Then I caught this cute mug stuck to a milk carton (Marigold). The sales girl was there and she attended to me. I asked about the free gift - the mug. She said, "Oh, you can collect it from the customer service." That's about all she said and did.
I paid for all the groceries and stuff I bought. Happily trod over to the customer service counter and there.....Stock of mugs finished! Finished quite some hours ago. Goodness gracious and the sales girl knew that I bought these two cartons all because of a mug. The least she could have done was let me and the other consumer (there was another man with his little girl) know about the 'finished' gift. Right? NO....she didn't say a word. I now have a plastic container. Something I really can do without. This is just a word of caution. Check first before any purchases are made. This doesn't cost me a lot of money. It is the principle that I'm getting at. Dishonesty......yeah, don't I feel cheated? Aaarghhhh.....Come on Marigold. Have enough stock!:o(


Arief Arf said...

free gifts are one the best ways to attract customers.
but lastly, the customers end up getting rubbish.
i too, have been a victim countless of times..


hans said...

stock dah habis lah tu said...

Hi Arief, how did you feel at that very moment? Cheated, no? I think the gifts should be enough till the promotion finishes. Hans, you get what I mean? Stock finish then the promotion should stop!

kenwooi said...

well.. i see "while stocks last" at the bottom.. can't argue much about it since there's this ULTIMATE finish-already-then-too-bad phrase! =P