Thursday, December 3, 2009

Especially for Women.....important information

Eeew....! I will never believe it if this comes to me by word of mouth. **I have decided to write a little on this. This is a sanitary pad for those (men especially) who do not know ahemm.... what these pictures show. The little thingy is a maggot! Gross as it may seem to find one of these little creepy crawly
in a pad but it is what is as shown.

These pictures convinced me. After all these years.......did you bother to check? Huh? Urghhhhhh, Yikes! Please DO CHECK before you use one the next time. :o(


kenwooi said...

why no caption for the pictures??? lol

i dont understand coz i dont use them! =P said...

Hi Ken, No need words leh. Seeing is enough to believe. BTW, I know you won't understand but your girlfriend would! heeheee

Arief Arf said...

what is that?
a worm?
in a what?
i dont really get it.
all i know is that its kinda gross.

X) said...

Yo Arief, that is a sanitary pad lah...mmmmm. This should be education for you eh? All the best.