Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She's only ONE year old....and pregnant!

Bizarre as this may seem. Can you help wondering how difficult can lives get? How sad can it be....? Poor, poor baby....she is only 1 year old.
[Text rewritten]
A Chinese girl, one year old Kang Mengru was taken to the hospital after her stomach became swollen. Mengru has left medics baffled as her stomach became larger as the days go by. An ultrasound was done and doctors were amazed to find that inside her a baby was found. Her parasitic twin brother. Doctors said that the baby twin was not in her mother's womb but had found another place to grow that is this one year old's womb. Kang Mengru will undergo a caesarean section to have the parasitic twin removed. This is a very unusual phenomenon 'fetus in fetus' occurs only once in every 500,000 pregnancies. Mengru is now waiting to have her parasitic twin taken out.
**Sorry for the previous text which has confused many who 'came by' to read. It was literally translated from the Chinese Language. Thousand apologies here.
Take a look at her, still smiling (oblivious to what is happening). And yet....I'm here complaining about the heat making me sweat....! Prayers for her, her mom and dad that everything will go smoothly and alright.:o(


Arief Arf said...

omg..how did that happen?
that is God's miracle huh..
poor baby..

Jimmy T said...

Wow that is Scary

kenwooi said...

very rare.. lol..


hans said...

ada kembar dia kut dalam perut tu

Bubbles...ooo said...

Jimmy - Yeah, looks scary esp when the pregnant one is only 1 year old.
Ken - Right, this case is a rare one. (Read what's written on the post?)
Aiyo Hans - Awak dah baca post saya? Memang ada kembar di dalam. Kembar si anak itu lah! :o)


huh ? omg* so poor !