Monday, January 18, 2010

A dog's it this?

I received a phone call from Chris of Blue Reef . Good news? NO.....really bad news. The strays that we've been feeding; Chao-Chao, Chao-Bi, Hunzi, Pek Moh has been shot. Pek Moh has a litter of 3 and she still nurses them even though she hardly has enough food. Now this is an animal!
As he was telling me what is happening, the Council people were still shooting. Do they have to use guns? Isn't there a more humane way to put these poor voiceless creatures to sleep?Honestly, what can we do? Each in our own capacity, how much can we do? It can be done only if everyone does a little bit. Strays kept being dumped at the park near by.
If having to live by the road side without knowing when the next meal is going to come isn't enough; they are all coming down with Mange and Ring worms.
Do we weep now that they are dead by SHOOTING or do we feel happy for them that they are no longer suffering? We wanted to have the females spayed and then released but someone from SPCA said that these dogs have to be vaccinated before surgery. They are sick with skin diseases. How to get them vaccinated but to treat their skin problem first. Also, where to house them? Space is a constraint and besides that, each of us own dogs. Now.....We were too late...... Oh.......! Do we take it out on the dogs for being strays or do we take it out on the humans who dumped them, turn a blind eye and hope that someone some where will do something? Who is to be blamed? The voiceless or those with many voices? They are now gone. May these dogs be reborn in a better realm is all I can pray for. I feel sad. I feel tired. I feel so mixed with feelings. Have a heart, help to do something. SPCA where are you? Think over carefully before embarking on a journey of buying or adopting a dog/cat. Abadoning them at the parks, by the road side isn't going to to do you good even if it is this that you believe..."thou shalt not kill" These may be just animals we are talking about but they have feelings and they deserve to have a right to live and have a life.....a resonable one for that matter.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life after 50....An Interesting Perspective

A wise saying, ENJOY!

"Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passd will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life."
For those who are already 50,
...start practising.
For those who are almost 50,
...get ready.
For those whom 50 are a long way off, your parents do it.
For those over 50 years old...
**Focus on enjoying people, not on indulging in accumulating material things.
**Plan to spend whatever you have saved. You deserve to enjoy it and the few healthy years you have left. Travel if you can afford it. Don't leave anything for your children or loved ones to quarrel about. By leaving something, you may even cause more trouble when you are gone.
**Live in the here and now, not in the yesterdays and tomorrows. It is only today you can handle. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not even happen.
**Enjoy your grandchildren (if any) but don't be their full time baby sitter. You have no moral obligation to take care of them. Don't have any guilt about refusing to baby sit anyone's kids including your own grand kids. Your parental obligation is to your children. After you have raised them into responsible adults, your duties of child rearing and babysitting are finished. Let your children raise their own off-springs.
**Accept physical weakness, sickness and other physical pains. It is a part of the ageing process. Enjoy whatever your health can allow.
**Enjoy who you are and what you have right now. Stop working hard for what you do not have. If you don't have them, its probably too late.
**Enjoy your life with your spouse, children, grandchildren and friends. People who truly love, love you for yourself, not for what you have. Anyone who loves you for what you have will just give you misery. And you'd probably know that by now.
**Forgive and accept forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others. Enjoy your peace of mind and peace of soul. Not trying to be morbid, but befriend death. It's a natural part of the life cycle. Don't be afraid of it. Death is the beginning of a new and better life. So, prepare yourself not for death but for a new life with Almighty God.
**Go to places of worship and have a close relationship with God, for He is the only one who can take care of you when you die.~~BY VISHAL DAS
***This was sent to me. :o)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A cute you want him?

Meet Gabber. He is 4 weeks old and one very cute puppy. At such a tender age, he is able to understand simple instructions like....stay and look here. He actually sat on the table and after a while decided to lie down. Isn't he adorable? He is light brown in color and slightly long haired. I'm sure all can be seen from these pictures. He is up for adoption and is FREE! Please leave your numbers here (comment section) or email me; if you or you know of anyone who is looking for a puppy to adopt.

Take me home, won't you? Take a look at me, I'm so cute with one ear up and the other down! :o)
**Gabber is in Penang island.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spirit of Christmas in Singapore

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to you. This post should have been put up last year. Yes, 2009. Somehow the last few days of 2009 flew by too fast. I was too busy to even think of writing. Whatever it is, since I have the pictures taken I thought I might as well post it.
Hubby was the one who suggested this short trip to Singapore just to 'take a break from everything'. December is a real nice month to be in Singapore.

Look at all the greens you see even before you touched down on the island?

Greens....greens, almost everywhere. Is it a wonder that Singapore is sometimes known as the City of Gardens? Oh, I didn't even know that it is known as such till the taxi driver mentioned it.
The floor to ceiling Christmas tree that you see as you stepped into the hotel.
The scene as I stood outside our hotel. Busy hour, heavy traffic but very orderly. This is Singapore.
A little bit of the mesmerising Christmas decorations put up, in the day time.
More greens as I take a walk further down the road from the hotel where we stayed. I thought the weather here is cooler and the air, cleaner. We walked to Ngee Ann City in search of food. Just take a look at the Christmas decorations. The people who put these up, they are so creative. There are many different types of designs created. Elves, Santas, Reindeer, etc...etc... The list goes on.
After walking around the shopping complex, we decided to have our lunch at the Imperial Treasure Nanbei Restaurant. This restaurant serves Dim Sum and others. We decided to try their dishes with rice.
Jin Bai with Ham. This is Chinese lettuce with ham. We had the Soya Chicken and BBQ Pork Belly too. Somehow, I thought the taste of the food here is different. They are very good and tasty. There is something very 'Hong Kongese' about the taste of the dishes. It is quite different from what we get back home, in a better sense.

Even the accompanying dips are different. The ground chili comes with tau cheong (fermented beans) and the other one, it is spring onions, garlic (and something else) in oil. This is one good dip. Now I wonder why I didn't ask the waitress more on this. Hmmm......

These little fountains caught my fancy. I find watching the water spurt out, curl and dropping in to the holes on the ground and the process reversed so intriguing. Hopefully, you get the idea of what is happening to the water from these pictures.

We headed back to the hotel for a 'siesta' after that.
We are out again after our siesta. Standing at one end you can see all the lights lit. I was awe struck. It isn't the first time that I'm seeing these decorations but then....who wouldn't be mesmerised by all of it. They are such beautiful sights. The lights, the designs, the atmosphere as you walked down Orchard Road. You will get caught up in the Christmas spirit. I did and that is all I can say.
I had to join in whether Hubby likes it or not. Okay, we are here only for a short visit (not enough time) but then.....never mind the man, I stood and listened to the carolers till they finished one song.

Our next destination was Clarke Quay. We are going to have our dinner there. This is one place you really have to pay a visit. It is so full of food! I mean food joints and activities. There are so many people all over. There is even a Singapore Bungee here. (Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of this.)
Turkish ice-cream found here, Clarke Quay.
Riverside Point is on the other side of Clarke Quay. I didn't walk over to this side.

How people dine at Clarke Quay. You can opt to sit and dine inside the restaurants but we opted to dine alfresco. It is fun watching all the people walking by, looking at the sky and also the colourful lights all over.
A Kebab stall.
Food Court in Robinsons.

This is the one time I enjoy eating at Food Courts. The place is clean and the people here, they are friendly. I must say there is some kind of quality control here. The food served here has a standard.
City cab of Singapore, the one in yellow.
Children in Anime cosplay costumes. I only managed to 'catch hold' of these few. The rest had already crossed the road to the other side. Interesting seeing these children walking on the road in costumes. Singapore has good transport system and it isn't uncommon to see school children using the underground trains after extra classes or 'chilling out' with their friends even at such a time as 10:00pm. (I'm not a Singaporean so correct me if I'm wrong.)
Singapore is really 'packed' this time of the year. Restaurants, food courts, pedestrian walk, everywhere you turn your head, there are people! Look get a seat for a meal in this case our dinner, we had to queue.
A last walk up and down Orchard Road. Enough of shopping, eating or just mere looking.
Time for me to say goodbye to Santa and Singapore. It was an enjoyable short trip. :o)