Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally....I got my money back! (Direct Selling)

After mental anguish suffered I finally got my money back. I did it; the 'cheat' did not get away. I got my refund for the TRA programme that is nothing but a weight loss programme based on information I gathered from other consumers. Why did I not check the facts first when I was approached by JL for the programme. I think she thought she could do everything with impunity.Amount refunded; RM4,800 for the TRA and the balance for an order activated online even without a signed approval from me. This is how Direct Selling is done at least where this company is concerned. Just be careful should any one of you decide to go into Direct Selling to make some money. Of course, there are some who made money. There are many others who were cheated. I am one of those who were cheated. It will not be easy getting your money back. It took me roughly 3 months of 'running around', suffering many sleepless nights and waiting anxiously for replies before I got a response. Many people and that included my own husband told me to give up and not hope to get my money back. I did not give up, as I know I have a genuine complaint. I gave a detailed account of what happened when I filed my complaint. The Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) acted almost instantly and finally I got a response from a 'right person' from Nuskin instead of going round in circles. My money was refunded on a goodwill basis was the reason I was given. They could not admit the fault, could they? If you decide to go into Direct Selling, do be wary and do not be too trusting. Remember that I got cheated by a friend and had my life style totally upheaval.
"May God defend me from my friends; I can defend myself from my enemies"~~ Voltaire


Neo Chang Wee said...

hi, can i know the issue of NU SKIN TRA. i've been waiting a week and agent still telling me no product yet!! no receive but they has been charging my cc :( can you email me how should i proceed complaint? i stay at KL . thx said...

Hi Neo, Where is your email address? Anyway, You can complain to DSAM (Direct Selling Association of Malaysia)
All the best.