Monday, January 18, 2010

A dog's it this?

I received a phone call from Chris of Blue Reef . Good news? NO.....really bad news. The strays that we've been feeding; Chao-Chao, Chao-Bi, Hunzi, Pek Moh has been shot. Pek Moh has a litter of 3 and she still nurses them even though she hardly has enough food. Now this is an animal!
As he was telling me what is happening, the Council people were still shooting. Do they have to use guns? Isn't there a more humane way to put these poor voiceless creatures to sleep?Honestly, what can we do? Each in our own capacity, how much can we do? It can be done only if everyone does a little bit. Strays kept being dumped at the park near by.
If having to live by the road side without knowing when the next meal is going to come isn't enough; they are all coming down with Mange and Ring worms.
Do we weep now that they are dead by SHOOTING or do we feel happy for them that they are no longer suffering? We wanted to have the females spayed and then released but someone from SPCA said that these dogs have to be vaccinated before surgery. They are sick with skin diseases. How to get them vaccinated but to treat their skin problem first. Also, where to house them? Space is a constraint and besides that, each of us own dogs. Now.....We were too late...... Oh.......! Do we take it out on the dogs for being strays or do we take it out on the humans who dumped them, turn a blind eye and hope that someone some where will do something? Who is to be blamed? The voiceless or those with many voices? They are now gone. May these dogs be reborn in a better realm is all I can pray for. I feel sad. I feel tired. I feel so mixed with feelings. Have a heart, help to do something. SPCA where are you? Think over carefully before embarking on a journey of buying or adopting a dog/cat. Abadoning them at the parks, by the road side isn't going to to do you good even if it is this that you believe..."thou shalt not kill" These may be just animals we are talking about but they have feelings and they deserve to have a right to live and have a life.....a resonable one for that matter.

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Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

This is heartbreaking. As you say, they are the innocents here. It used to be the case that dog owners here had to obtain a licence, but that requirement was stopped some years ago. People do dump their pets here too: more of it with the recession. Animal charities will collect and try to rehome them but all the rescue centres are so full. The way forward has to be educational, both in domestic economic realities and to achieve an empathy with animals. You clearly do plenty and I applaud what you do. I weep with you but of course that does not help. Best wishes. "Keep on keeping on".