Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rome-Vatican City to Colosseum

It snowed! Yes, it was snowing when we came out of the restaurant after lunch. It has not snowed in the past 8 years and that was what the Czech guide told all of us. I jokingly told the people in my tour group that I prayed whilst we were at St. Peter's Basilica for snow. As the snowfall got heavier, I was jokingly told to stop my praying. It was a great feeling having the snow fall on my face. We proceeded to the colosseum after lunch. I think of the movie The Gladiators when I saw the Colosseum or Coliseum. This is an elliptical amphitheatre built in the centre of Rome.
Picture above shows the galleries and chambers built below the arena. Down here were kept the wild animals and equipments. These were brought up to the arena by means of trap doors and hoists.

Above two pictures that were taken from the arena.Men dressed as Spartans.Walking down a passageway inside the Colosseum.The section of steps around the arena for seating purposes. I was told that admission to the arena was free. The Romans would line up the night before just to make sure they get the best seats.
The picture above shows the reconstructed arena floor.

The gladiators entered through the Triumphal Gateway on the Western side facing the Temple of Venus and Roma.
Picture taken outside the Colosseum. We have to take a walk to where our bus was parked.Snow falling.....I really enjoyed myself.
This is one impressive fountain, the Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi. The figure in the centre of the fountain is Neptune, God of the sea. Legend has it that you will return to Rome if you throw a coin into the water. You should toss the coin over your shoulder with your back facing the fountain. This is how pizza is sold in Italy. They are made and baked in square or rectangle trays. Every purchase is cut, weighed and priced as per the customer's order.
It was winter and freezing outside but take a look, there were so many people inside the cafe eating/buying gelato.
We could not resist when we were told by our guide that this place sells the best gelato in Rome. It really was fun eating gelato in winter. Try eating it outside the cafe and not inside.
It was only around 6 pm but the evening looked like 8pm (in Malaysia). Picture of Fontana della Barcaccia or The Fountain of the Old Boat that is located right at the foot of the Spanish Steps. This is a baroque fresh water fountain. I watched the National Geographic and found out that this fountain is actually connected to the Trevi Fountain. We were told by our guide (Malaysian) to climb up the steps nearby and to meet at the top when our 'free time' is up. We were not even told that what we climbed happened to be the widest staircase in Europe!
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