Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Penang Animal Sanctuary Society - Concert

I was out today asking for donations and also trying to sell the tickets for P.A.S.S. up coming Charity concert. There aren't many who know about P.A.S.S. let alone the concert. So, I'm copying what came out in The Star papers today. Nanyang Siang Pau had a write up on P.A.S.S. too and it was on 25th March, 2010. Below is the article that appeared today in The Star (Metro). To know a little bit more click here.

Wednesday 31 March, 2010

Concert to raise funds for new animal shelter

THE Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS) is organising a charity concert to raise funds for a new animal shelter in Relau for stray dogs and cats as well as abandoned animals such as birds and reptiles.

Themed ‘Together We Care’, the concert at Berjaya Georgetown Hotel at 8pm on April 10 will feature performances by the Penang Free School orchestra, Wanita Mutiara Choir by wives of assemblymen and solo singers.

PASS president Datuk Leslie Lee said they aimed to raise about RM150,000 to kick start the project on a 0.8ha plot of land leased from the Penang Municipal Council on Jalan Relau.

He said the proposed facilities for the shelter included a nursery, an exercise runway, a clinic and a rehabilitation centre.

“The society seeks to practise a ‘no-kill’ policy as it goes against the basic principals of peaceful co-existence promoted by all major religions,” he told a press conference on Friday.

Lee said tickets, priced at RM10, RM30, RM50 and RM200, could be obtained by calling Mr Parama Nathan, Vice-President of PASS at 019-5566707 or Nornee at 04-2634190.

“We also welcome contributions from well-wishers or those who wish to advertise in the concert’s souvenir programme,” he said. :o)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Animal Sanctuary.....Help Make It Happen!

This piece of news can't bring more happiness and relief. An animal sanctuary is in the midst of becoming a reality in Penang. It isn't just a wish. It isn't just a hope. It is becoming real! The people in Penang Animal Sanctuary Society are working on it. Hurray....! Being an independent animal rescuer is a hard job and many times it brings much tears and heartaches. For those who have rescued many animals, you will know. As for me, I'm new and still within the counting range of my 10 fingers. Yes, there were tears shed, heartaches and fights (with who else but Hubby!) I'm sure others who walk this same path shares the same stories. Guess this must be the reason, when I got this flyer from Swen (partner of Blue Reef ) I couldn't be happier. Incidentally, the owner of Blue Reef adopted two dogs which 'lived' on the streets. The two dogs Mimi and Hunzo, they are doing very well. I am going to make a brief post on what is written on the flyer handed to me.

The Logo of the Penang Animal Sanctuary Society

Background: The Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS) has been in existence for over six years. Recently it has gained more publicity and has used this as a platform to campaign for animal rights.

Guiding Principles: *The members of PASS are motivated by a deep compassion and love for all animals and a strong conviction that all life is precious. *The society seeks to practice a 'NO-KILL' policy in the Sanctuary project. This philosophy sets it apart from most other animal shelters. The members of PASS are bewildered and grief stricken by the indiscriminate putting down of stray animals by the Authorities and some animal shelters. This wanton destruction of life goes against the basic principles of peaceful co-existence promoted by all major religions of the world. We believe that all creatures are entitled to their rights to co-habit this planet with us and that all animals have a right to live out their normal and natural life.

Objectives: *The society is desirous of seeking the collaboration of both the public and private sectors to serve the above guiding principles. * The immediate and most urgent agenda is to identify a suitable site and develop a programme that addresses the problems previously mentioned. *The society is also desirous of safeguarding the rights of all animals and to the task of promoting public awareness of animal rights.

Role: *PASS sees itself as a solution facilitator to achieving the above 'objectives' within the established 'guiding principles'. *PASS also strongly believes that more Animal Protection Societies should be established to: i) Avoid a monopoly by one or two societies. ii)Provide a choice of shelters to the public. The advantages and benefits of this would accrue to both the public and stray animals. *PASS together with other NGOs would like to also make representations in matters relating to animal welfare when formulation of Government Policies, Acts and Laws are tabled.

Other Events: i) Concert in Aid of Animal Welfare (Entitled:Together We Care) to be held on 10th April 2010 at Berjaya Hotel at 8:00 pm. Tickets are on sale now. Please contact office. ii) Food fair to be held on 27th June 2010 at Penang Times Square from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. iii) Art Auction (details yet to be finalised)

With great humility we invite you to share in our efforts of making this world a better place for all of Nature's beautiful creatures. Though ours is collectively a small step in this direction, we hope it will gain momentum with time so that the vision of a better tomorrow, for all creatures big and small, will become a reality. If you would like to contribute to the programme please contact: Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (Regn. No: 1002) Tel: 019-556 6707 / 04261 4952

***Kindly make payments in favour of :- Penang Animal Sanctuary Society. THANK YOU


There is more printed on the flyer. Please feel free to get a copy from the office. Do come and lend your support at the above mentioned events. :o)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

U visit the shops/area around Island Plaza, Penang...then read this.

Do you frequent the area/shops around Island Plaza in Penang? If you do, then please read on. My husband made a trip to Island Plaza recently. Since it was just a short visit to Cold Storage he thought he'd park his car here. Where? It is a small vacant place directly opposite Cold Storage. I mean as you walk up the stairs to get out from Cold Storage. Stand right at the entrance/exit and look opposite you. You can see this little triangle/oblong (sort of) empty space next to the canal (longkang). Well, since there are spaces left for parking, he thought he'd just park his car there. He parked his car (no one was there) and proceeded to Cold Storage. However, when he went to get his car, a man walked up to him and said "Dua ringgit". Huh? Hubby asked. The man said again, "Dua ringgit' (two ringgit). Hubby asked him where is the sign as he thought that is a free parking space. No, the man said the land belonged to him and the parking sign has been stolen. In order not to risk having his car scratched or tyre punctured, hubby paid the 'dua ringgit'.
A receipt was issued. I don't know if this is legal or not. Even the date written is wrong. I do not think it is worth paying the two ringgit. Sometimes, it isn't the money that is the issue here. It is these illegal parking attendants that are the issue. Imagine paying two ringgit when it should be free and two ringgit for just some 15-20 minutes of parking? I mean had we been informed by means of a sign that parking is RM2 then it will be alright but there is no sign at all shown/placed anywhere. Cheated outright is what I'm shouting here. So, BE AWARE of what is happening and DO NOT park your car here, in this little space. It is actually the small space between the railings of the big drain and the road.
***I went back to the same place last night. The man as what was told by husband, wasn't around. Bet on it, he will be when you collect your car and that was what happened when a group of 3 college students (I think they are) went and collect their Kancil. He demanded 'dua ringgit' from them. They had to pay. Oh these 'jaga keretas' are such a menace. Darn! :o(

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This can happen to You!

What will be next after this???!!! This was sent to me via email and was told it happened at Midvalley mega mall and Giant Supermarket. Then and again, it can happen anywhere else. In fact, be more alert and be aware of the people around you all the time and not just at these places

(Picture above) The kind of shoes worn and where the cameras are placed/installed. These aren't ordinary shoes but high tech ones.